How to Pack Paintings, Mirrors, & Wall Art for Moving

A young woman packing framed artwork using the U-Haul Picture Packer Kit.

Most homes contain a variety of fragile items that require extra protection and care during a move. At the top of the list for many people are mirrors, paintings, artwork, pictures and other framed wall décor. Items like these often have monetary or sentimental value that makes them difficult to replace or repair should they be damaged during a move.

The good news is, U-Haul has moving supplies specifically designed to protect framed decorations. Specifically, the Picture Packer Kit and the Mirror & Picture Boxes have everything you need to ensure your mirrors, artwork, pictures and other framed items avoid scratched or cracked glass, chipped frames and torn canvas while you move to your new home.

The Picture Packer Kit and Mirror & Picture Boxes come separate, but we recommend using them together for optimal protection during your move.

Advantages of using the Picture Packer Kit and Mirror / Picture Boxes together

Both items offer distinct advantages that help make packing simple and provide much needed peace of mind for DIY movers.

Advantages include:

  • Easy to use – Both products were created for DIY movers and packers, meaning they are easy to assemble and user-friendly.
  • Versatile – Framed artwork, mirrors, pictures, plaques, etc. – Almost any rectangular item up to 2.2” thick can be packed using the Mirror / Picture box and Picture Packer Kit.
  • Heavy hauling capacity – Both the standard Mirror and Picture Box and the Large Mirror and Picture Box can haul/store items up to 65 lb.
  • Reliable protection – The Picture Packer Kit comes with four Styrofoam corners that are tightly strapped together to provide optimal impact protection and prevent shifting.
  • Accommodating – For extra-large mirrors and pictures, a mirror and picture box can be joined with a second box of the same size (with some slight modifications) to make one extra-large box.
  • Ready to ship – The Mirror / Picture box meets shipping requirements; just use extra protective supplies to pack it tightly before shipping.

How to pack mirrors, paintings and pictures for moving or shipping

Packing your fragile framed items with the Picture Packer Kit and Mirror / Picture box is simple. But before you begin, consider acquiring these additional supplies to make sure your belongings are given the maximum amount of protection during your move.

Additional moving supplies for packing mirrors and pictures

How to use the Picture Packer Kit and Mirror / Picture Box

1. Prepare your belongings for packing by making sure any sharp hanging brackets are taped over and loose mounting wires are taped down.

2. Slide the Picture Protector over the mirror/picture (optional).

3. With the mirror/picture lying flat, place a corner protector on each corner.

4. To keep the corners in place, use the 17’ strap (included with the Picture Packer Kit) and wrap it around each corner protector on the mirror/picture.

5. Connect the strap and buckle by making a loop in the strap, and feed it through the opening in the buckle; fold the tongue down through the loop. Pull the loose end of the strap to tighten.

6. Slide the mirror/picture into the box. If there is a lot of empty space, add crumbled newspaper or Packing Paper to prevent shifting. Tape the box closed.

Instructions that show how to use the Picture Packer Kit.

Additional step for added protection (optional)

Before packing your mirror/picture in the box (step six listed above), wrap Enviro-Bubble® vertically around a top corner and bottom corner. Tape the wrap into place, then do the same thing on the opposite corners. Repeat the first step, but wrap horizontally rather than vertically, then tape the wrap into place. You should have four tight wraps around your mirror/picture.

With the Enviro-Bubble® in place, return to step six to pack your mirror/picture.

How to join two Mirror / Picture Boxes:

1. Begin at the top end of the first box by folding the small flaps in, then fold one large flap on top of the other and tape.

2. Move on to the second box and press along the dotted lines on the left and right sides until there is an indent or break in the cardboard. Without cutting the flap lock tabs on the bottom end of the first box, and by squeezing the second box sides so they intent, slide the second box into the open (bottom) end of the first box.

3. Slide your item(s) into the box, then on the open end of the second box, fold the small flaps in, fold one large flap on top of the other and tape. Secure the middle portion where the second box telescopes into the first box with tape.

Packing large mirrors/picture using the Four Piece Mirror & Picture Box

Telescoping two mirror boxes together is an effective way to move large mirrors/pictures. But for packing extra-large mirrors and pictures, the Four Piece Mirror & Picture Box may be more appropriately sized (accommodates mirrors/pictures up to 22” x 31” x 3.5”).

In fact, the versatile and adjustable sizing provided by the four piece box makes packing other large, fragile items a possibility. You can easily pack a glass table top, pack glass shelves, finished wood or a number of items like these using the four piece box and the above-listed protective supplies.

Since the Picture Packer Kit does not fit in the four piece box, we recommend using either a Picture Protector or Enviro-Bubble® as an alternative. See packing tips, assembly directions and more information about the Four Piece Mirror & Picture Box by visiting this article.

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