Moving Day Checklist

A couple is loading a chair and some boxes into a U-Haul trailer.

Moving day has finally arrived! By now, you have changed your listed information, made arrangements for arrival at your new place, and followed a moving timeline organization. It is time to leave your home and embark on a new journey, well almost. Before you can say goodbye to your old house settle into your new one, there are a few things left to do. U-Haul is here to help you get all those last minute moving day checklist items out of the way.

Pack last minute items

Make sure that you pack these items separately from the rest of your

  • Toiletries

  • Chargers, electronics and wallet/purse

  • Change of clothes

  • Pajamas

  • Bedding

  • Medications and first aid kit

  • A book or magazines

Keep a list of your inventory on hand. Having a list of your items helps you make sure that you do not forget something. Labeling your boxes as you packed up will make writing this list much easier, and will help unpacking go quicker.

Do a final sweep of your home 

Do a final walk through of your house one more time. Check the cabinets, closets, yards fridge, and storage spaces for any items that may have been left behind.

Finish last-minute cleaning tasks

You may need to sweep or dust some places that may have been missed. There also may be some trash that needs to be thrown out on moving day.

Prevent unnecessary energy usage 

As you lock up, turn off all of your lights, heating/air conditioning, and water heater. On your way out, give your new landlord a call to make sure the place is ready for your arrival.

Have your traveling entertainment ready to go

Download your music playlists ahead of time so they are ready for your road trip or plane ride. If you are traveling with your children make sure they have something to keep them occupied.  

Stock up on snacks and water in your car

Especially if you have a long haul before arriving to your next place, make sure you keep food and water handy in your vehicle. It could even be beneficial to prepare your dinner the night before so you can conveniently heat it up before you leave.

 Do an initial walk-through with the landlord

Before unloading your moving truck, take photos and detailed notes of the place and make sure things are in working condition. This will be important to have when you are getting your security deposit back.

 Unpack the essentials 

Those last minute items you packed up at your old house will likely be the first ones to come out of boxes. These items will help you get through your first night in your new place.


It has been a long, yet successful day. Take the time to sit back, relax and celebrate a huge accomplishment!

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