How Much is a Storage Unit?

If you’re planning a move, or just looking to make some room, a storage unit can be a useful tool. It’s a great way to keep furniture and other belongings protected without having to sacrifice valuable space in your home. There are plenty of things to consider before renting a storage unit, but you’re probably more interested in one thing: how much does it cost?

How Much is a Storage Unit?

In short, it depends. There is no universal sticker price for a storage unit, and the monthly fees will differ depending on a few different things:

Location: It’s a fact of life, where you live impacts how expensive things are, even storage units. Heavily populated areas will usually charge higher fees, while more rural and suburban areas may get a better deal.

Duration: If you only plan to rent the space for a month or two, the price of a storage unit isn’t too expensive. But the longer you rent, the higher the total bill.

How Much Is a Storage Unit Per Month?

In a place like Los Angeles, you may have to pay upwards of $100 a month on storage units. But in a location like Nashville, you can expect to pay about half the price. Essentially, storage units can cost you anywhere from $45-$150 per month.

Type of Storage: You might be surprised to hear that there’s more than one type of storage. Don’t worry, we’ll unpack that a little later!

Size of Unit: Storage units come in a variety of sizes. Some are about the size of a storage locker, while others are big enough to hold a household’s worth of stuff.

Company You Store With: Different companies will offer different storage rates. So, just like when you’re buying a car, or finding a contractor, shop around and see where you’ll get the best bang for your buck.

What Types of Storage are There?

It’s important to make sure that you’re selecting the best self-storage unit for you. Here are some different types of storage to be aware of:

Vehicle: If you need to store a car, boat, ATV, or RV long term, you’ll need some more room than a normal storage unit provides. You may be able to choose between open, covered, or enclosed storage for your vehicle, depending on which company you store with.

Why Choose U-Haul for Vehicle Storage?

U-Haul storage facilities are well lit, conveniently located, and available 24-7. On top of this, you may have access to electrical outlets and dump stations at select locations. We also keep our aisles wide, so you can easily maneuver your vehicle in and out of its space.

Outdoor vs. Indoor: Indoor storage is when storage units are located inside a building. This adds another layer of protection for the storage units. Outdoor storage units are usually larger, located on ground level, and you can drive right up to it.

Climate-Controlled: Storage units with climate control means that the units are kept at a comfortable 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps protect your stuff from harsh weather and humidity. You’ll want climate-controlled storage for metal and wood furniture, clothing and fabrics, and your sentimental items!

How Much is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

In most cases, climate-controlled storage is a little more expensive than outdoor storage, but not always! While some places may charge over $100 per month, you can usually find climate-controlled storage for an affordable $50 per month.

How Much is a Small Storage Unit?

We mentioned it before, but the size of the storage unit will have a direct influence on the price you pay for it. Let’s break it down a little:

Small Storage Units: Small units can range from storage lockers to 5x5 or 5x10 units, or up to 50 sq. ft. of room. These are good for storing decorations and smaller items, like clothes, boxes, and holiday décor, but not ideal for large furniture. These will usually be around $50 a month.

Medium Storage Units: This is the most popular size when it comes to storage units. Mid-sized units will normally come with enough space to store mattresses, larger furniture sets, and major appliances (like washers, dryers, or fridges). They range from 50-150 sq. ft., and cost anywhere from $60-$100 per month.

10x10 Storage Units

If Goldilocks was looking for a storage unit, she’d say that the 10x10 is just right. They're about half the size of a garage and can fit the equivalent of two full bedrooms. Like we said before, prices on storage units can vary, but you can expect to spend about $60-$80 a month on a 10x10 unit, give or take.

Large Storage Units: If you need to get everything out of the house in a pinch, a large unit is best for you. With over 150 sq. ft. of room, you can store a full house’s worth of furniture. Imagine having an extra garage at your disposal, that’s kind of what it’s like! These can run you about $150+ per month, so they work better as a short-term solution, like for moving or renovations!

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

You may be racing to type “cheapest storage units near me” into the Google search bar, but keep in mind that you often get what you pay for. Cheap storage units may not have great protection, security, or service, so make sure you do your homework before committing to a specific company.

Storing with U-Haul

When you rent a storage unit with U-Haul, you know that you’ll have a dry, clean, and secure facility to keep your belongings safe, and at a competitive price. With nation-wide availability, U-Haul offers the most coverage in North America. You can reserve a unit for free at, or better yet, you can get rolling faster on the U-Haul app!

Storing with U-Haul means that you get the ability to manage your account online, receive additional insurance options, and avoid unnecessary admin fees. Keep in mind that each U-Haul center is unique, so be sure to call ahead and double-check that the specific storage unit you need is available.

Don’t wait, spots fill up fast, so get yours today!

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