U-Haul Self-Storage Move-In Day Checklist

A checklist for moving into a U-Haul storage unit.

We want to help you prepare for move-in day at a U-Haul Self-Storage facility. You'll want to make sure you have everything you need to secure your room. This list will give you a heads up on what's required and what we recommend. By planning ahead, you'll save time at the counter and are more likely to have a stress-free move-in.

  Personal Identification

Make sure you bring an issued ID with you (ie: Passport, Driver’s License, etc.)

  Reservation Number 

If you booked online or by phone and received a reservation number, make sure you bring it with you so that we can find your reservation details faster during the move-in process.

  Payment Method of Choice

Bring your payment method of choice with you. You can pay with a credit or debit card, check, or cash. If you're paying with a credit card, you can set up auto pay during move-in for faster payment processing in the future.

  Authorized User List

A separate contact needs to be submitted to us in case of an emergency. This will need to be different than your alternate contact.


If you don't have a discus lock, purchase one online from U-Haul or at the counter during move-in. For added security, you can bring your own personal lock for the unit as long as it’s a discus lock.

  Plan your Arrival

Check the office hours of the facility before arriving. There is a difference between office/standard hours and storage access hours.

  Know Where Loading/Unloading Areas Are Located

Review the rules for loading/unloading. There may be time limits on parking spots and loading zones so we can accommodate all our customers. Having a better sense of loading/unloading areas will also give you a chance to plan proximity to elevators and how to optimally move your belongings into your unit.

  Itemized List

Writing a list of items that are in storage will help you stay organized, as you will continue to have an idea of what is in storage. When you have to take things in and out of storage, this list will help you keep track of your inventory.

  Plan your Move Ahead of Time

Take the time to label your boxes beforehand and have a rough idea of how you'll pack your storage unit. Check out our self storage packing guide for some helpful tips. Properly packing will make sure you have an easier time finding items in your unit down the line.

  Insurance Information

Please provide proof of your insurance policy on move-in day. If you need to purchase insurance for your self-storage rental, Safestor® – Self Storage Insurance provides affordable insurance options. Already have insurance coverage on your items in storage? We highly recommend that you have insurance for your storage unit. You can add Safestor anytime online or at move-in.

Whether you’re looking for additional space or have a change in living situation, plan your storage move-in ahead of time.  

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