Annual Mileage Limit on Your Car Lease? Save Money and Tow Your Car

A couple preparing to tow their vehicle on a U-Haul auto transport.

Leasing a new car instead of buying is a growing trend among car consumers for a variety of reasons. But what happens when you’re moving long distance or even out of state with a leased car? It’s not quite as simple as packing your belongings into your car and driving to your new home.

Car leases often have what’s called an annual mileage limit that can put a costly damper on long distance moves if you’re not careful. Luckily, U-Haul can help prevent additional mileage on your leased vehicle with a combination of an auto transport trailer or tow dolly and moving truck rental.

What is Leasing a Car?

If you’re new to car leasing, the concept is much like renting an apartment vs. buying a home. Instead of making monthly payments to eventually own the car, you lease the car for an amount of time, then return it to the dealer after the lease expires. Some drivers prefer leasing cars instead of buying because it can offer more affordable monthly payments in some cases and it’s less of long-term commitment than the standard multi-year auto loan.

What is the Annual Mileage Limit on a Lease?

As mentioned previously, nearly all car leases have an annual mileage limit. This effectively puts a cap on how many miles you can drive your car in a given year. Annual mileage limits vary lease to lease. Limits are commonly between 5,000-12,000 miles. Although there are high mileage leases with much higher limits, these are rarer in many cases.

What if I Go Over the Mileage on My Lease?

If you exceed the mileage limit on your lease, there is a good chance you will be charged a fee on a per-mile basis. As you might imagine, that cost adds up quickly. Most drivers that lease a car do so because they don’t anticipate doing a lot of driving, but in the event of an unexpected long trip – like moving out of state or cross-country – you could be in for a potentially costly inconvenience if you drive.

Moving with a Leased Car: How it Works

If you’re wondering how to move long distance with a leased car, or how to prevent additional mileage on your leased vehicle for any reason, U-Haul has a unique solution. When you use U-Haul as your moving or towing resource, you have two vehicle towing options at your disposal that will get your car from point A to point B safely and affordably.

Vehicle Towing Options:

  • Auto Transport Trailer
  • Tow Dolly

Pairing U-Haul vehicle towing equipment with a moving truck gives you the flexibility of hauling your all your belongings at once without leaving your car behind or running the risk of exceeding your annual mileage limit by driving. It’s an easy way to move long distance in a one safe trip.

Benefits of Long Distance Car Towing and Leased Vehicles

Below are several ways that long distance car towing with a U-Haul car trailer might benefit you:

Save Money

Simply put, you can save money by towing your leased vehicle. Though each contract is different, mileage fees are commonly around an extra 30 cents per mile driven. Avoiding those extra miles driven will provide more driving opportunities down the road and certainly save you money in the long run. Don’t forget the fuel savings that you’ll get by only filling up one tank instead of two!

Avoid Wear and Tear

Most car leasing companies take your vehicle’s wear and tear into account when your lease is up. If your vehicle’s wear and tear is considered excessive – as in damage to the exterior, poor tire tread or malfunctioning engine parts – you might also pay additional fees. Safely hauling your car with an auto transport trailer is an easy way to avoid potential excessive wear and tear or exterior damage.

Move All-In-One

One of the challenges of one-way moving is figuring out the logistics of moving your belongings and vehicle at once. Not only is using an auto transport trailer or tow dolly a great way to keep your leased vehicle wear-and-tear free, it also allows you to conveniently move your vehicle, your belongings and even a passenger in one affordable package.

Find a Tow Dolly or Auto Transport Trailer Near You Today

If you’re looking for an easy way to complete a one-way move with a leased vehicle, look no further than pairing a U-Haul moving truck with a tow dolly or auto transport trailer rental. U-Haul towing equipment allows you to efficiently move your vehicle to your new destination without worrying about excessive wear and tear and annual mileage limits. Find a car trailer near you today to get started.

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