U-Box® Delivery Method: Moving Help® Full Service Delivery & Load

Picking up your entire life and moving to a new place can be overwhelming. What if you didn’t have to lift a finger for all your stuff to go cross country, that’s an option. U-Haul has been the trusted choice of do-it-yourself movers for 75-plus years, but you don’t have to handle your move by yourself. With U-Box® containers and Moving Help®, U-Haul can handle your entire move for you.

How ‘Full Service Delivery & Load’ Works

One of the many benefits of using U-Box containers for your move is flexibility. When creating your moving container reservation, you control the plan. The funnel of your order starts with where you’re moving from, moving to, and the loading date. After calculating how many U-Box containers you’ll need, the next step is picking your delivery option and that’s when Moving Help comes in.

For every U-Box container reservation, we offer four different delivery options for the town or city you’re moving from or moving to. One of those options is full service delivery & load. Once you select this option, you’ll be prompted with local moving help providers through Moving Help. The online marketplace that connects you to local, affordable moving help providers. It’ll also show you the help providers’ rates, reviews, and descriptions. The provider you choose to help you move will call you to schedule a delivery time for the day you choose.

Once packed, your U-Box container(s) will use Gentle Ride Shipping to head to your destination. The container(s) will arrive at your neighborhood U-Haul location by the promised arrival date, if not, we guarantee a $50 refund for every day it’s late.

Your delivery should also include the second moving help providers you picked. The professional movers will unload your belongings from the container(s). Afterward, the movers will return the container(s) to the U-Haul facility. Regardless of the reason for your move, U-Haul has created the formula for Moving Made Easier®. And how does it get easier than letting us do it all?

This delivery option is ideal if you:

  • Want to not lift anything and let the professionals do it
  • Want a full service style move at a do-it-yourself cost
  • Want the convenience of Moving Help services
  • Want the most stress-free long-distance move


Not right for you?

Learn more about our four U-Box Delivery Options

U-Box: The Best Moving Container for You

U-Box containers are convenient, flexible, and secure, making them a great choice for your portable moving and storage needs. Our moving containers are custom-made from premium, pest-resistant plywood. Breathable wood construction helps keep the items in the U-Box container protected from mold and mildew. Containers sit approximately six inches off the ground to protect against standing water and have composite pads on the feet that keep water from seeping inside. Each container is equipped with a highly durable weather-resistant vinyl cover upon delivery to further protect your belongings from the elements.

Don't just take our word for it. Forbes Advisor rated U-Box containers the “Best moving container of 2022.” And with Full Service with Moving Help, it’s an affordable portable moving and storage option. Start your portable moving container reservation today!

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