How to Store and Pack Your Military Valuables

military move

All active-duty military members and veterans know that moving constantly is a part of life. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve served, there are some medals, awards and uniforms that have special meaning to you…and you don’t want them to be ruined during the move. This blog post will cover what products to use when you need to move and store your items so that they look just as good coming out as they did when you packed them up.

army uniformWardrobe Boxes for Uniforms

Most military people know the pain of carrying all of their uniform items in a clothing bag. I recommend a wardrobe box to carry all of the uniform items you have because you can hang everything up without folding them over and getting your uniforms all wrinkled.

Bubble-Wrap Those Awards and Promotion Certificates

These items are special, so when you’re moving, why not take the time to pack them right? Most of your prestigious awards and promotions you received over the years are already in glass frames. I recommend that you use bubble wrap to ensure that they make it to your next destination in one piece.

Dust Guard for Your Flags

Receiving a flag at your retirement or at the end of service obligation is probably one of the biggest treasures you will receive in your whole career. When you are moving, make sure to put a dust cover on it even if it is in a case, to prevent damage while moving.

climate control storageClimate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled storage is very useful for those who are deploying for a prolonged period of time, or for the veterans who just can’t keep everything in one place and need the extra room. Climate-controlled storage allows you to store your military garb and awards without the risk of changes in temperature damaging any of your prized items. No matter where they are in the country, these units will keep your items protected from damage caused by fluctuations in temperature.