Storage in Seattle

Storage in seattle

If you’re planning to move to Seattle or you’re already a resident looking for a new home, you should consider your storage options ahead of time. Seattle is an increasingly popular city, especially among young adults, and as a result, the rent has spiked in the last couple of years. This means your budget might not allow you to live in a home spacious enough for all of your belongings, but don’t fret. There are many self-storage locations in Seattle that can help with this.


There are two things to consider when choosing a self-storage location: frequency and hours. You will most likely want to choose a storage unit close to your home, especially if you’re storing belongings you might need to access frequently. Depending on your personal schedule, you should also consider 24 hour or extended access. Make sure to ask about these options and others that might facilitate your situation.

What to Store

Living in Seattle means you might have to temporarily part ways with things you aren’t currently using. Plan on storing any seasonal items. Holiday decor or bulky items are a good example of this. You can also store some of your keepsakes and mementos. Throughout college, you probably began a collection of keepsakes that you’re not quite ready to part ways with. Putting them in storage is a good way to protect them.

SecurityStorage in seattle

You will want to choose a storage location with adequate security measures, such as secured entrance and exit points, lighted hallways, individually alarmed rooms, and active security cameras. In addition, because of the rain, your storage location should have the option of climate-controlled units where you can trust your belongings won’t ruin.


Make sure to verify all of the fees beforehand. Ask about additional fees for extended access or climate control. Take advantage of the free month of storage that comes with the one-way rentals. This is an especially good offer if you moved before securing a home and need to store all of your belongings while you continue the search.

Do you have experience with low storage options in your home? What storage tips can you share? Leave these in the comments.