The 5 Types of Neighbors

As you drive your moving truck to your new neighborhood, you may be greeted with friendly waves, a helping hand, or even some baked goods! From condos to apartments to houses, neighbors of all kinds exist– and like your family, you cannot pick them. The people we call our neighbors contribute to our day to day lives and communities, sometimes in good ways and sometimes in interesting ways (think of the movie Neighbors with Zac Efron). Here is a list of 5 types of neighbors that exist in every neighborhood.

5 Types of Neighbors

The Social Butterfly

5 Types of Neighbors2This neighbor was probably the first to come over and introduce themselves! Most likely a socialite in the past, a social butterfly enjoys talking, making friends, and keeping up to date on all the block gossip. This neighbor knows the ins and outs of the community so if you need the rundown on anything run over to their house! They would be the perfect asset to get the word out about your housewarming party and new arrival to the neighborhood.

The Recluse

5 Types of NeighborsIs there a house on the block that you can barely tell is inhabited?– Meet the recluse. Although these neighbors may be friendly and kind, the truth is they prefer to keep to themselves. They are less likely to participate in block parties, handing out candy on Halloween, or hanging lights in the winter. When it comes to meeting this kind of neighbor, make sure to put forth extra effort because chances come far and few in-between.

The Green Neighbor

5 Types of NeighborsAre you green with envy at your neighbor’s lawn and recycling bin parked neatly in front of the curb? Let us introduce you to the green neighbor with the green thumb– they love the neighborhood and community but their real passion is the environment. These types of neighbors yards are finely detailed all year long with perfectly bloomed roses and abundant vegetables. Look to this neighbor for tips on compost, recycling, or any energy conservation plans. The in-home landscapers would love to help you plant the seed and go green.

The Joneses

5 Types of NeighborsEveryone has heard the phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses”, but have you ever wondered who the Joneses are? These types of neighbors do not need an introduction as their immense home and fancy cars greet you first. They are the go-to neighborhood spot for hosting parties and throwing events, so be on the lookout for an invite. By their perfectly manicured lawn and frequent home additions, this family appears perfect. If you try to keep up with the Joneses here is a word of advice– do not. Before you get green with envy keep in mind every family is dysfunctional in some way, and you may have more in common than you think.

The Eccentric Types of Neighbors

5 Types of Neighbors The free spirit neighbors have all kinds of gnomes and lawn decorations that scream eccentric. They are full of life and never shy away from sharing their opinion or views on current issues or events. These types of neighbors like to stop by unannounced and invite themselves in to chat. Although they are sometimes wacky, the eccentrics rarely have problems with anyone and do not go looking for trouble. The mellow, jolly vibe is a nice balance for the neighborhood’s complex personality.

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