Technology / Fuel Efficiency

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In 2007, U-Haul partnered with Ford to create and implement an innovative 3-Wet Paint technology designed to manage GHG emissions and decrease energy usage. Allowing three layers of wet paint to be applied in immediate succession, 3-Wet Paint eliminates the need for using high-temperature ovens between each coat of paint. The 3-Wet technology reduces GHG emissions by an estimated 15 percent per paint job, and decreases overall energy consumption in maintaining the company’s fleet of more than 175,000 trucks and trailers.

Fuel efficiency

Fuel economy gaugeU-Haul rental trucks have a low profile, rounded corners and advanced chassis skirts to reduce wind drag and raise fuel economy 20%.

All U-Haul rental trucks use cheaper, cleaner and more convenient unleaded fuel.

Use the fuel-economy gauge to save money on fuel and reduce air pollution.


More locations, more convenience

Because U-Haul has more than 15,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada, you'll be able to pick up equipment close to your origin and drop it off close to your destination.

Due to these convenient locations, many U-Haul customers take advantage of alternative transportation methods such as public transit, walking, cycling and carpooling instead of driving themselves to U-Haul facilities.

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