Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

Our vision

U-Haul Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) vision establishes long-range goals that enable U-Haul to meet its goals, today and into the future, by delivering leading environmental, health and safety performance which is consistent with our corporate sustainability goals.

Our policy

The U-Haul policy is to conduct EHS operations in a way that provides a common framework connecting business operations with the systematic management of EHS risks, opportunities and impact. We accomplish this goal by continuously measuring and improving performance.

Environmental – The principles of sustainability are the foundation that enables us to remain committed to establishing performance-based environmental programs. This focus on sustainability aligns our company’s daily business operations today and those of tomorrow with sustainable business and environmental practices.

Compliance – Compliance is only a starting point for our commitment to meeting and exceeding environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements. When necessary and appropriate, we establish and comply with standards of our own design, which often exceed legal mandates.

Conservation – Company products, services, processes and facilities are committed to incorporating objectives and targets that are continuously reviewed toward preventing pollution at the source. When waste cannot be avoided, we are committed to recycling, treatment and disposal in ways that minimize undesirable effects on our environmental and natural resources.

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