National League of Cities

U-Haul is a proud corporate partner of the National League of Cities. The National League of Cities Corporate Partners Program promotes the exchange of ideas between corporate leaders and the leaders of America's cities in order to strengthen local government, encourage economic competitiveness and promote corporate civic engagement. 

In the U.S. and Canada, residential mobility is a need, not a want. More than 50 million people in North America move every year. U-Haul strives to understand what local municipal leaders are up against and how we can contribute to a sustainable community.

Truck sharing – refers to truck rental services intended to substitute for private truck ownership. It makes occasional use of a truck affordable, while providing an incentive to minimize driving and rely on alternative travel options (e.g. public transportation) as much as possible.

Neighborhood Dealerships – The conveniently located neighborhood dealer ensures less customer travel, fewer CO2 emissions and less traffic congestion.

Technology Leadership/Fuel Efficiency – fuel economy gauges, aerodynamic truck design, unleaded vs. diesel.

Green Building/Energy Efficiency – encourages rehabilitating existing buildings, allowing U-Haul to promote infill development to meet its customers’ needs while preserving the natural resources and land normally required for new construction.

Reuse Programs – Take A Box - Leave A Box, Sustainable Modular Storage, Storage Re-Use Centers, recycled moving pads – just to name a few.

Climate Protection – Partnerships with The Conservation Fund Go Zero® program in the United States and the Tree Canda Grow Clean Air program for our Canadian customers, new paint technology, employee trip reduction, carpooling, telecommuting.

Social Responsibility - U-Haul continues to demonstrate its social responsibility to local communities, focusing on the endorsement of social programs, agencies and events that directly serve the most basic of human needs – food, clothing and shelter. U-Haul helps these organizations through in-kind donations of equipment and merchandise as well as employee volunteers. Some of our many charities include St. Mary’s Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul, American Red Cross, Make-A-Wish, American Cancer Society, Run for the Fallen, Soldier Ride, and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) – Vehicle sharing is a critical element of any Transit-Orientated Development in cities and towns, enabling residents and businesses to reduce their dependence on private vehicle ownership while still meeting their transportation needs. U-Haul is the largest vehicle sharing company with 150,000 vehicles serving the DIY moving public in all 50 states and 10 Canadian provinces and territories


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