Fuel economy gauges

As part of U-Haul Company’s Sustainability Initiative, a fuel-economy gauge is installed in every new-production truck and is being retrofitting into the existing fleet. This gauge—a U-Haul exclusive—enables drivers to determine at a glance if they are maximizing their fuel efficiency based on the speed the vehicle is traveling.

Auto-industry research has shown that drivers tend to improve their eco-driving habits over time, prompted by real-time fuel-efficiency readings.

The purpose of the fuel-economy gauge is to reinforce to our customers that they can reduce their fuel costs by traveling at proper speeds or by not accelerating quickly. Going easy on the accelerator, avoiding hard or sudden stops and other simple changes in driving behaviors can lead to fuel economy gains that quickly add up. Figuring this out is easy for drivers. When the needle on the gauge is in the green, the vehicle is getting its best miles per gallon (mpg). When it’s in the red, the vehicle is no longer achieving maximum fuel efficiency.

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