Recycled furniture and moving pads

In 1997, U-Haul collaborated with its furniture pad vendor and Lee Jeans Co. to pioneer the use of denim scraps to make our rental furniture pads. The process reclaims preconsumer textile waste cut from material used to manufacture jeans. Today, the pads are a special composite of cuttings from a variety of textiles, including denim from jeans. Once reclaimed, the scraps are combined in a process that creates attractive nonwoven pads that are durable, soft, cushiony, colorfast, thick and big enough to protect our customer´s belongings.

With demand for furniture pads that requires U-Haul to purchase over a million new pads each year, the decision to use the regenerated cotton scraps allows the annual diversion of 2.4 million pounds of recyclable materials from landfills. In addition to reducing filler in landfills, no additional pesticides or dyes are used and no additional water consumption is required to grow more cotton. These extra benefits to the environment are often overlooked.

We are extremely proud of this product. The environmental benefits that are achieved while providing the best furniture pad in the industry for our customer, plus the fact that we can keep the cost low for our customers, makes a win-win situation.

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