U-Haul and public transportation

Since before the push for "green," U-Haul has been practicing business methods that take into consideration the value of natural resources and the Company's impact on the environment. While we have many components to our Sustainability programs, we have focused a majority of our efforts on linking U-Haul services to the use of public transportation. We find that U-Haul and public transportation share many objectives. For example, both U-Haul and public transportation reduce automobile use and, consequently, carbon emissions.

Our Sustainability efforts can be traced back 40 years when careful decisions were made on where we acquired property for our centers. Many of our centers within metropolitan areas are located alongside transit routes. Our center locations attract customers who find it more convenient and sustainable to use public transportation to access our centers. Through survey studies regarding customer transit use to access U-Haul centers, we have concluded that our decision to locate near transit lines does reduce carbon emissions. Our mission is to reach out to cities to spread word that U-Haul has a lot to offer and would like to form a partnership in which we would work together to best serve today´s present and future.

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