U-Haul employees and their well-being

Health and safety

U-Haul regards its employees as the most valuable asset in our Company. We are committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment. We recognize there is a strong connection between the health and well-being of people and their work environments, and that the skillful combination of education, leadership, teamwork and management is tantamount to reaching high standards in an ever-changing world.

Our employee awareness and training, and overall health and safety program begins day-one of joining our Company. We are committed to continuous education and advancements that meets or exceeds federal, state (provincial) and industry standards, including through a progressive and proactive health and safety program. To fulfill this commitment, it requires everyone working together in a constant review and feedback process. To this end, we integrate a continuous awareness, assessment and prevention process in our health and safety program. Our process is constant toward sustainable progress.

The U-Haul organization is comprised of many groups. U-Haul Company, employees, customers, suppliers and government are key to a shared responsibility for health and safety. We join together to make health and safety an integral component of every job we do, every product we sell and every customer we serve.

This cohesive coordination reduces accidents and sustains improved product, service, workplace and quality of life for all groups and future generations. Our Company is dedicated in our commitment to lead, placing health and safety ahead of all that we do.

For their part, employees are expected to follow safe work practices. Health and safety are key components for our team’s success and viability as a company.

We support this in a variety of ways.

  • Supporting healthy lifestyles
  • Encouraging personal development
  • Leadership training
  • Information and education, including through online courses

Employee benefits

U-Haul is committed to providing a safe work environment and benefit programs that are competitive, responsive to employees’ changing needs and designed to provide security for you and your family. A summary of our Company benefits include:

  • Medical, Dental and Vision Benefit Plans
  • Disability, Term and Supplemental Life Insurance
  • 401(k) Savings and Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP)
  • Paid Holidays, Vacations and Sick/Personal Time Off
  • Employee Discounts and Credit Union
  • Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Business Travel Insurance
  • Smoking Cessation and Healthy-Weight Programs

Equal opportunity

As an equal opportunity employer, U-Haul believes in and practices fair and equal employment opportunities for all. Certainly one of the most complex challenges confronting industry and nations is to provide full equal opportunity for all people without regard to sex, age, race, color, national origin, disability, religion or veteran status.

U-Haul strives to ensure the entry and growth of minorities, women and disabled persons in our workforce until it is unmistakably clear that equality of opportunity at U-Haul is a fact as well as an ideal.

Education development

The development of the individual person is the result of work experience, formal training, self-improvement and education. Recognizing the value of self-improvement and continuing education, U-Haul provides a number of programs to assist employees in performing to the best of their abilities, and developing and realizing their full potential.

These programs include: Educational Financial Assistance Program, English as a Second Language Learning and Job Training and Education through Online Courses.

Employee trip reduction

Commuter benefits

The Commuter-Benefits program is one of the ways U-Haul is committed to sustainability and our concern about what we can do to help our environment. Our goal and purpose is to help reduce air pollution and the number of single-occupant cars on the road and promote and incentivize car pooling and the use of alternate transportation. This program not only reduces our carbon footprint by removing tons of pollution, it also helps team members defray the increasing costs of getting to and from work by allowing them to set aside pretax dollars to cover some of their commuting expenses.

Transportation costs are increasing rapidly and this is a sensible way to help the benefit environment while reducing commuting cost. All U-Haul employees are eligible for the Commuter-Benefits program.


The company promotes telecommuting and work at home opportunity when the work and the business need can be accommodated. Telecommuting reduces trip reduction which lowers carbon emissions and reduces unnecessary consumption.

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