Insider’s Scoop: Decor Desires and High-Tech Haunting

Is your home decor compensating for something? Photo: Jordanhill School D&T Dept

The past week has been full of interesting news in home organization, storage and fun!

Perhaps most interesting this week in the news was the Huffington Post‘s piece on a Canadian Newspaper Article that “identifies a connection between women and men with poor self-esteem and an unhealthy need to have a beautiful and perfectly styled home.”  Home Decor Obsession May Mean Self-Image Problems makes me particularly curious- rather than investing in beautiful décor for my home, should I be investing in therapy? I can’t be sure that I agree with this, yet. But, we’ll see if it leads to more research on the subject.

We’ve been talking a lot about gardening lately. If you’ve already experienced the season’s first frost, then you can’t deny the challenges that come along with these cold temps. We even wrote a post about it: Gardening for an Icy Climate.

Tips for the DIY Haunted House. Photo: Christopher Brielmaier

As temperatures drop, many people are getting ready to travel to a warmer climate for the winter. This very informative article from, Storing Your Car for the Winter, lays out all of the preparation you should take care of before storing your car for an extended period. Among the most important steps is inflating your tires adequately and checking your fluids. Also, be sure to invest in a high-quality car cover.

Halloween is certainly in the air. This week, shared their guide to the ultimate tech DIY haunted house. Master haunt creator, Timothy Haskell, shares some of his expert insider tips and how you can use the tricks of the trade in your own haunted house this year. One of the most important things to remember, “”not everything is about a big pop scare. You want to make people feel uncomfortable and grossed out.” And with that, count me in!

Do you have the home decor complex mentioned this week? Will you be trying the DIY haunted house tips? Let us know below in the comments!

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