College Move Out Prep

There’s no need to be overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about moving out of your dorm. With these tips, you’re on your way to smooth sailing:

Know Your Service Options

There are a few options that companies like Collegeboxes offer:

  • Summer Storage and Shipping:  If you opt for a service like Collegeboxes Shipping and Storage, your items will be picked up directly from your dorm room and either stored for the summer or shipped home. During sign up, you can order their signature supply kit for $39.99 (optional), which contains 5 boxes. This will be shipped to you via FedEx 1-2 weeks prior to your pick up date. With Collegeboxes everything is taken care of for you from pick up, storage, and delivery back to campus in the fall.
  • Direct Shipping: Ship packed boxes and even luggage from one address to another, year round. This option is ideal if you want to lighten the load for the end of the semester. Ship items home items that you are no longer using such as seasonal items, extra clothing, and last semester’s text books. Direct shipping is also great when Mom needs to send you something at school.

Write It Down!

Start by making a list of things you want to take home. I would recommend writing down everything you have then decide what items you want to trash, sell, or donate. Think it through! What is your living situation like next year? Are you getting a new roommate that has the same furniture items that you do? Do you need that futon? Or can it be given to a friend or charity? How about heavy textbooks- can those be sold or donated? There’s no need pack things you won’t need!

Box it Up

When you’re prepping for move out, make sure you have an ample amount of boxes. Proper packing material is crucial- make sure to have the right sized boxes and protective material for your items, to keep your goods protected and safe from breakage. The most common error made in packing is failing to properly protect the contents within the packing container, and this can be avoided by giving yourself an adequate amount of packing supplies.

Early Bird Gets the Worm

Be proactive and make your storage and/or shipping reservations as soon as possible. Storage facilities in close proximity will fill up quickly. When using companies like Collegeboxes for shipping and storage, take advantage of booking early as dates do fill up quickly. You could also be eligible for early bird savings.
When it comes to packing start by slowly packing up non-essential items and out-of-season clothing. Planning ahead will not only secure you a storage spot, but you’ll enjoy being ahead of the game when you’re busy cramming for exams.

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

Have you survived through a college move out? What are tips you can offer to a student in your shoes? Leave your tips in the comments section below!