Moving to The Ohio State University

Ohio State University Moving to CollegeThe excitement of choosing the right college for you can be overwhelming, but it’s a great path to be on. If you chose to attend The Ohio State University nestled in Columbus, OH then you’re in for a ride of scarlet and grey dreams! Are you ready to be a part of the Buckeyes tradition?

 How To Move To Campus

OSU is a large campus, so you can imagine what move-in day will be like. As long as you’re prepared with your moving truck and helpers, then you won’t break too much of a sweat. The nearest U-Haul location to campus is just a few minutes away. There are a handful of Columbus locations as well. However, if you’d rather opt for a stress-free moving day, then consider using Collegeboxes. Ohio State University CollegeboxesYou can pack your belongings at home, a carrier will pick them up, Collegeboxes will store and ship them to your new dorm by the time you move in. Now that’s how you move to campus!

Who To Live With

When you’re new to campus, you may be a bit nervous to make friends. But, this is an essential and life-changing part of college. Everyone will be a tad bit shy in the beginning, but the goal is to open up and meet as many new people as you can. With time, you will be able to develop friendships, and soon enough you’ll be chatting it up with your new best friend in college. Everyone is eager to connect, and if you’re living on campus then it won’t be hard. You can also opt to live in special learning communities where you’ll be paired with others who have similar passions (like nursing, engineering, global business and more), which will make connecting a whole lot easier.

Where To Live

OSU has a large housing department. There are 33 different residence halls that cater to either the younger students, graduate students or family housing. The 33 residence halls are all located on the northern and southern ends of the campus (take a look at the residence halls map).  Looking for specifics of each residence hall, like amenities, description and room sizes? Check out this list of all the details of each dorm; each residence hall also has a gallery of photos, and a screenshot of the university’s website has them listed below.

Ohio State University Dorms

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How was moving to The Ohio State University? What was it like? Were you able to make friends quickly? What tips do you have for future students? Share your thoughts below!