Summer Storage

Drive-up Summer Storage

Summer is here, that means a lot of heat and sunlight.  So if you’re in need of some summer storage to hold your belongings, consider renting a storage unit to protect your belonging from the blazing sun and furnace-like temperatures. Here are some ideas for what you may want to keep in summer storage:

Winter Clothes – Some of you are excited that you no longer have to wear those heavy winter coats and scarves, while others may regret that you can no longer make snow angels after each snowstorm. If you’re short on closet space, consider summer storage to hold all of your jackets, gloves, coats, and that cherished scarf collection.  That way, all of your clothes will be organized in one area for next winter.

flickr forecastle edit WITH TAGSnow Gear – I know it’s disappointing, the snow has melted and you can’t hit the slopes every weekend.  On the bright side, you can take hikes up the runs and still catch the same the killer views.  With all the space that snow gear such as snow shoes, skis and poles, snowboards, helmets, goggles, shovels, and tire chains take up, it’s a good idea to get some summer storage to keep it out of the way and free up space until next winter.

Gas Powered Equipment – With 90+ degree temperatures for most of us, I can’t imagine many reasons for snow blowers or snowmobiles.  To store any gas powered equipment you must first drain the gas tank completely and then run the equipment until the engine stops.  This is important because ethanol in gasoline starts to break down after a few months and can damage your equipment if left idle.  Also, most self-storage locations prohibit any flammable liquids from being held in storage.

Summer Break  For all you college students moving out after the end of a school year, you how difficult it is to take all of your belonging back home.  You can look into getting a smaller unit that can hold boxes you don’t need to unpack until next year or get a larger one to store excess furniture.  If you need any help with moving out, consider Collegeboxes®; they can pack, ship and deliver your belongings to wherever you need it, and even store it until next school year if you wish.

Climate-Controlled Summer StorageClimate Controlled  U-Haul Self-Storage offers outdoor or indoor units, as well as those that are climate-controlled.  Depending on what you’re holding in summer storage, you may want an indoor climate-controlled storage unit.  This will prevent the sun and heat from getting to your belongings.  If you are unsure if you need climate-controlled storage or not, check out this blog post.

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What do you store during the summer, and how do you store it?  Let us know in the comments  below.