Living in Chicago

chicago landscape

The Windy City is known for lots of things like food, culture and architecture. But living in Chicago isn’t all about touring the sites everyday! Now that you are a Chicagoan, you’ve got to learn how to live like a local. Here are some tips for living in Chicago:

The City

Chicago has lots of independent neighborhoods (over 70) so make sure to explore! From Humboldt Park to North Berwyn, there’s always something new to see. Just be sure to know where you are headed. The Chicago Transit Authority has apps that will help you get around the city smoothly.


Summers are nice with an average temperature in the 80’s, but they can get humid at times. Winters are cold and windy (hence the nickname.) No matter the time of year, you will want to dress appropriately. You don’t want to be the one who is dressed in the latest fashions but left freezing in the winter while heading to eat or sweating in the summer while hanging at Millennium Park.

No Car Necessary

Parking your vehicle can be extremely expensive so if you really don’t have a need for a car, then you are probably better off without it. Chicago has a great transportation system so if you need to get from one end of the city to another, you have options. Also, the weather is great a lot of the year so why wouldn’t you want to enjoy it when you can?


Chicago is full of high rises with small apartments so storage is limited. Take this opportunity to keep your place clutter-free. Not using that heavy winter coat during the summer or those daisy-dukes during the winter? Rent a storage unit to keep your seasonal items out of your way and in good condition for next year!

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