Moving Day Checklist

The time has finally come — today, you leave your home embark on a journey… kind of. But before you can settle into your new home and explore the area, you have to get all those last minute moving day checklist items out of the way.

Hopefully at this point you’ve changed your listed information, made arrangements for when you arrive,  and followed some sort or organization method throughout your moving process to make this final day easier.

Moving Day Checklist

Last Minute Packing

We know you’re not done packing yet. Get together the things you needed for your last day before moving; This includes anything you’ll want to grab easily once you arrive or on the road. Make sure to pack these separately from the rest of your luggage to keep it accessible.

  • bedding
  • pajamas
  • toiletries
  • chargers/ electronics
  • medications
  • a change of clothing
  • first-aid kit
  • a book or magazine

Don’t forget those moving day documents! Any papers you need for real estate or travel purposes should be packed in secure yet readily available compartments.

Crossing off your Moving Day Checklist

Moving Day Checklist

Have a list of your inventory so you can make sure you don’t forget anything. Labeling your boxes makes this so much easier and will make unpacking go quicker.

Do a final walk through of your house checking each and every room. Don’t forget anything you may have in your front or backyards.

Once you are positive there isn’t anything hidden anywhere, try to clean up a little. Nothing too crazy – just some basic tasks like dusting, sweeping. Be sure to throw out any trash you have leftover.

Before completely leaving the house, make sure to prevent unnecessary energy usage. As you’re locking up, turn off all your lights, water heater, and any heating or air conditioning. It might even be a good idea to call ahead to make sure your new place is ready for you. If you’re bringing appliances with you,  don’t forget to defrost your refrigerator before moving.


Get your moving day entertainment devices ready! Chances are, it’s going to be a long trip. If you’re traveling with children, make sure they have something to keep them occupied.

Make a playlist ahead of time. This will give you a way to have some fun singing along with those in the car with you or help distract you on the plane.

Pack some snacks to eat along the way along with water bottles for everyone. You may even consider having a whole meal prepped the night before that you can easily just be heated before you leave.

What sort of items do you have on your moving day checklist! Let us know in the comment section below!