Packing with a Flat Panel TV Kit [VIDEO]

You shouldn’t miss a game just because you’re moving. Not a sports fan? What about rewarding yourself by indulging in a Netflix marathon after moving in? The TV will need to be set for either of these things to happen. Packing that giant flat screen TV for a move will require some extra care. Use a Flat Panel TV Kit to ensure that you’ll be watching the game and having movie marathons in your new home in no time.

The Flat Panel TV Kit is ideal for 32  to 70 inch flat panel TVs (actual screen measured diagonally). It fits TVs 1 to 4 inches deep. Use the four hinged foam blocks to provide 8 points of protection. Don’t forget to wrap your TV in moving wrap for extra protection.

Note: Not for use with rear projection TVs. This is a TV moving kit and not designed to be used for shipping via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or any other shipping carrier or method.

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