Top Summer Grilling Accessories

Summer is near and with summer comes grilling by the pool! As the “hostess with the mostest,” it is your job to make sure that you execute the best pool party and BBQ of the season. Whether you are grilling for your own meal prep or for an entire party, here are the top summer grilling accessories to have by your side for the very best grilled meats and veggies:

Fish Basket

  • Just like the corn basket, this basket is also non-stick
  • A lock system holds the fish fillets in place when needed to flip on the grill
  • The flat-wood grip on the basket stays cool even while grilling
  • This basket holds 3 fish fillets
  • Get the fish basket here

Fish Spatula

  • The fish spatula is made out of stainless steel
  • Made in America!
  • A convenient bottle opener is built into the end of the spatula
  • It has a larger head sized for fish to make it easier to flip over the fillet
  • The larger spatula head makes it easier to handle delicate foods
  • Like the corn and fish basket, the spatula has a long handle to keep you away from the heat
  • Get the fish spatula here

Before you start your BBQ make sure your propane tank is full! Remember grilling is more than just burgers and hot dogs; you can grill fish, bacon, vegetables and even apples. Who would have known that you could grill desserts? You don’t have to be carnivore to enjoy grilling with these top summer accessories!

What are your top summer grilling accessories? Let us know in the comments below!