Storage in Brooklyn

Filled with an immense art scene and just a short train ride to New York City, Brooklyn is a pretty popular place to live. With so many people constantly moving to the area and its prime location, rent prices can be a little higher, meaning you have less living space available. Of course in retrospect, Brooklyn has very affordable living for its location and thriving environment, but finding a place that fits your budget and is spacious enough for all your belongings can be tricky. This is when a storage unit might be handy.

Brooklyn Storage

Storage Uses

If you’re living in Brooklyn, it’s likely that you have a decent personal art collection. Between the indie art scene and the Pratt Institute, most locals have purchased or created their fare share or art. If you run into a space issue where it all cannot be displayed, look into climate controlled storage.  Climate controlled units are perfect for those canvas paintings, photographs, or sculptures that you don’t want ruined by the summer humidity or the icy winters. College students can also take advantage of the space to store seasonal clothing or sporting goods that don’t fit in their dorms.

brooklyn sGetting around Brooklyn

Brooklyn isn’t a very vehicle friendly city — if you’re moving to Brooklyn you will most likely be taking advantage of public transportation or ride share programs to get around. This is definitely something to keep in mind if choosing to rent a storage unit. Plan ahead accordingly so that you can rent a vehicle to transport your goods if needed and so that you aren’t stuck in rush our traffic. You may even have to plan the actual process of moving belongings in your apartment complex as some buildings require you to reserve elevator time. In general, as long as you have a game plan before hand, you will be fine.