Sharing a Bathroom with a Roommate

Sharing a space with someone is never an easy task, but sometimes it is just necessary. Whether you’re moving into the dorms for the first time as you head off to college, are living at home with a sibling, or even if you’ve just moved into an apartment with your significant other, the basic guidelines for sharing a bathroom with a roommate remain the same.

Agree on  Some Basic Rules

In order to avoid any conflict, the first thing you’re going to need to do is to agree on some boundaries. Decide what items you are willing to share and what items are completely off limits. Maybe you both are totally fine taking turns buying toiletries, on the other hand you may feel more comfortable keeping your own stash of toilet paper and products. Whatever level you choose, just make sure it is known up-front.

Bathroom Organization

Sharing a bathroom generally means less space. bathroomDetermine who’s belongings are kept where. If there isn’t enough space to keep everything in the bathroom, it might be best to keep certain items in your own room to just transport back and forth. Do your best to maximize the little space you do have available. Plastic bins and organizers will give you a little bit more space as well as help keep your bathroom clean. Shower caddies and over the door hooks can basically double the amount of storage capacity your bathroom has for towels, robes, and miscellaneous toiletries. If you have any decorations you want to put up, ask first and work together to find a place that won’t be inconvenient for either one of you.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

The biggest roommate argument is going to be over thinking the other is too messy. Decide how often you want the bathroom cleaned. From there, create a schedule separating tasks between the two of you or trading off however often you agreed to clean. Trust me, nothing with turn roommates against each other faster than a cleaning disagreement.

bathroomCommunicate with your Roommate

Most likely, you and your roommate and not going to have the same schedule. If you have to get ready for work or class at a certain time, let your roommate know. As long as you communicate with them, the bathroom should be available during any of those crucial moments, and if noise travels in your place, at least they will be prepared to hear the sound of running water or a blow dryer in the morning. In general, almost any conflict can be avoided or resolved just by communication, so whether your roommate is your best friend or someone you barely know, remember that if something is bothering you to talk to them and work things out.

Have you had to share a bathroom with a roommate before? What tips do you have from your experience? Share your stories in the comments below!