The Complete Guide to Glamping

Nov 7, 2016

Whether you’re getting the gang together for a bachelorette party or simply taking a few nights off, glamping is a luxurious take on an old-time favorite. The concept here is pretty straight-forward; glamorous camping = glamping! Bust out your pillows, robes, and pampering essentials because we’ve put together the complete guide to aid you in “roughing it” lavishly.

Plan Your Glamping Guestlist

Although this might seem like a no-brainer, it is necessary to draw up a guest-list with those who will be accompanying you on this trip. You want to ensure that you can spend at least a few days with these friends!

  • Delegate tasks to your attendees on what they can contribute or bring along to the festivities. Glamping, much like camping, is a group effort – and every little bit helps. Even if that just means extra food.
  • Verify that everyone involved is still planning on coming a few days prior to the event. There is nothing worse than having to cancel or reschedule an event due to unexpected absences.
  • Don’t exclude anyone! Glamping is for all ages and genders, including the whole family – who doesn’t love indulging every now and then?

Arrange Transportation

Depending on what your glamping event is for, you may want to look for alternate modes of transportation, rather than attempting to take multiple vehicles on your own. Everyone’s trip will vary on how many people will be taking part and how much equipment they will require. It might be easier for you to rent a truck or trailer to transport your glamping items. A might be the best choice for you RV- plus you get added comfort!

  • Before embarking, ensuring whichever mode of transportation you choose has a maintenance check is an important task. Do not allow your extravaganza to become ruined by a dead battery or flat tire!
  • Properly fuel all vehicles, assign safe drivers, and have an emergency plan intact in the event a tow truck is needed, or a change of tire.
  • Pop in your favorite road trip playlist, or movie. Long drives can be a drag without any karaoke going on!
  • If you decide to bring your RV, ensure that after you are done you properly store your vehicle. U-Haul offers RV storage in order to keep your mobile home safe from damage and any wear and tear that may occur otherwise.

Pack Smart

Although some glamping locations will have access to amenities such as indoor plumbing, electricity, and comfy bedding, some may not. Moreover, it is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your comfort! U-Haul has many products for glamping that will give you a smooth trip.

  • First and foremost – don’t forget the corkscrew!
  • Pack a trusty portable grill that will allow for a multitude of recipes on your nights out. If you do this, don’t forget the propane!
  • A fridge pouch can guarantee that you have more space for belongings and do not miss out on keeping any of your cold items from spoiling
  • A portable heater is a small yet significant way to drastically change the comfort of your trip. If the “glampsite” does not offer heating, or there is any malfunction, you may be stuck huddling uncomfortably all night without one.
  • Keep the animals away and the facility clean by remembering trash bags. Too many times are these facilities left a mess, and an excess of garbage will only lure the types of critters you do not want to run into.
  • Lastly, bringing a utility knife will save you a lot of havoc. Many times when you are in the wilderness you will find yourself in the position where you need a sharp utensil. Whether you are cutting rope or opening a spa kit package – we have you covered.

Bring Nonessentials

Spending so much time focused on the necessities can be a bit of a damper, especially when glamping is all about going above and beyond. This is the time where it is okay to go ahead and over-pack a little. Bring multiple pairs of Uggs if you feel like it- no judgment!

  • Gather all pampering products that will make you feel comfortable. This can range anywhere from skin care, to nail polish, to your favorite pair of pajamas.
  • Movies, music, and games! Although glamping aims to keep you at maximum comfort while away from home, that means you will need comfortable activities to coincide.
  • Bring pillows, blankets, and even an air mattress, if you’ll be in a tent.
  • Fairy lights or string lighting can contribute to an unforgettable ambiance! If applicable, decorate your temporary destination as a group, within reason of course.

Upon Arrival

If your glampsite is a cabin, you will likely not be responsible for such strenuous tasks as setting up a tent, building a fire, or layering all the padding for your sleeping quarters. However, if you are indeed tenting or are using an RV, things will be a little different.

  • Take this time to scope out the vicinity. There may be amenities previously glanced over or were not mentioned prior that peak your interest or may help with your set-up.
  • If tenting, look for the flattest part of your allotted site, and start laying down your foundation. Although you might be feeling tired, it is necessary to get this step done before it starts getting dark. Setting up a tent in the night proves even more difficult than it sounds.
  • If you went the RV route, the process will be even different – including setting up your sewage and electrical power. You’re just plain camping if you find yourself without a toilet or television!
  • Setting up all of your necessities in an RV might be a little intimidating at first; so be sure that you are informed beforehand of what you will need to upkeep your “home” for the next few days, and keep it clean for returning it back to storage.
  • If not included, make your bed. Do not procrastinate on this easy step. You will thank yourself later when at the end of your first day all you want to do is crash. If needed, use a quilted pad for extra cushion or fort-building.


No camping trip is complete without some group activity. Among the traditional card games, board games, and hiking, glamping makes room for some things that are a little more involved and upscale. This is where your packing of the (non)essentials comes in!

  • Pick your favorite polishes and get to the mani/pedis! Nothing will make you feel refreshed like some brand new shiny nails. Not your thing? Break out the lotions and cleansers and start exfoliating!
  • Crafting can range anywhere from painting, creating new jewelry, or any various DIY projects. Dependent on your venue and season – they may have activities available to you such as jarring fruits, or archery.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt! Nothing gets a group more enthused than a little competition. This is also a great way to embrace and explore the nature around you and perhaps see some wildlife.

Food & Drink

Arguably, the best part of many trips will be food and drinks. Although some providers may have food available, it is still exceedingly common to “bring-your-own” in this regard. Hopefully, you have brought along some of our products to aid you in the cooking process! Roasting foods over the fire may seem like a classic vision, but it does not always perform the best.

  • Fire up your portable grill and allow yourself to safely cook some versatile recipes.
  • Whip up some special cocktails and have fun with it! Have kids and/or non-drinkers coming along? Try out some non-alcoholic cocktails that are just as fun and just as flavorful!
  • Bust out the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. You just cannot ignore the allure of a conventional s’more.

Have you ever been glamping? Was it better than camping? Share with us in the comments below.


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