How to Choose Your Perfect Storage Unit

A storage unit isn’t “one size fits all.” That’s why it’s important to know how to choose your perfect storage unit. And it’s easier than you think. Think of finding your perfect storage unit like the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” There’s a storage unit to fit your needs that will be “just right.” Here are some options.

5x5 Storage Hinged Door

Small (5’ x 5’)

Consider this: You’re a business owner who is in need of extra space. You need to put your excess inventory somewhere. Or maybe, you’re looking to de-clutter your small apartment or townhome?

If you’re looking for a storage unit that can act as an extra closet, a 5’ x 5’ unit is perfect for you.

Medium (5’ x 10’)

5x10 Storage Hinged Door

Here’s a scenario: You’re moving in with your significant other and you need to consolidate homes, but neither of you are ready to get rid of your furniture just yet.

The 5’ x 10’ unit works well for this. It’s a perfect storage unit for someone looking to store furniture and who is moving out of a studio or one bedroom apartment.

Large (10’ x 10’)10x10 Storage Hinged Door

Are you an empty nester? Do you have a couple of free rooms to turn into the home gym or crafting room you’ve always wanted. But, you’re not ready to part with your kid’s old things?

For holding larger furniture and boxes full of old trophies and knick-knacks, the 10’ x 10’ unit is useful for storing the contents of up to two bedrooms.

Larger (10’ x 15’)10x15 Storage Rollup

Maybe you’ve been planning on making your home, your “dream home.” But, it needs a touch-up or two. It’s time to renovate, but where are you going to keep your things? They need to go somewhere secure.

The 10’ x 15’ is useful when putting away three bedrooms. With extra height, this unit has 50% more volume compared to the 10’ x 10’. So, when organized correctly, you can store all your things, and maybe more.

Largest (10’ x 20’)10x20 Storage Rollup

Imagine you and your family have decided to sell your home and travel the world for a bit. But, you don’t want to start from scratch when you return home, so you want to put all of your things in storage while you’re gone.

The 10’ x 20’ unit is the perfect storage unit to fit everything from four-bedrooms. That extra 5’ will make a big difference when it comes to packing a couple more boxes in.

To help further understand what will fit in each storage unit and some of the advantages, here is a handy chart:

Storage size chart

Now that you’ve considered all of your options, you’re ready to choose the perfect storage unit to fit your needs. Take all that you just learned and go rent your storage unit today.