Full-Service Move with MovingHelp


Budgeting for your move can be difficult when moving companies quote you thousands of dollars for local and cross-country moves. Get the same back-saving experience at a fraction of the cost by pairing U-Haul equipment and services for a full-service move.

Who Does the Work?

Since you’re DIYing your full-service move, there is a bit of preparation involved for moving day. MovingHelp has the hard labor covered. You’ll need to make sure you have your equipment reserved and supplies picked up before your MovingHelp service providers arrive.

What is MovingHelp?

MovingHelp is an online marketplace that connects you with affordable, local service providers. Sift through the choices by price, reviews, and services offered. Reserve your help by the hour- starting at 2- and add the number of service providers you’ll need. On moving day, they can help:

  • Pack
  • Load/Unload your truck, trailer or U-Box container
  • Unpack
  • Clean
  • Deliver your U-Box container

Design your move as full-service or DIY it by selecting the options you need, and payment is given once you’re completely satisfied and finished with the move.         

Movers VS MovingHelp

Choosing Your Equipment for a Full-Service Move

Consider your moving journey. Do you have kids or pets? They may need some extra space and comfort that your personal vehicle offers. With this option, you could haul your personal luggage and all your “must have” essential items behind in one of our trailers. In summary, these are the types of variables that you should prioritize when picking out your moving equipment. Read more tips here on picking the right equipment.

Choosing Your Supplies for a Full-Service Move

Either way you pack and load it, you’re going to need to protect what matters using the appropriate moving supplies. For glassware and fragile items, use bubble cushion or pad the inside of the box with packing paper to protect your things from rattling around. U-Haul Cushion Foam Pouches are also helpful: designed in a variety of sizes to accommodate dishware and glassware easily. U-Haul Dishsaver and Glass Pack Kits were designed to make moving easier – each kit includes cushion foam pouches, dividers and a heavy-duty cardboard box. Check out some of our other blogs for more packing tips:

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