Meals for College Students: Protein Chex

If you’ve recently moved to college, you know that trying to eat healthy on campus is no easy task. Let’s be honest, finding decent meals for college students is nearly impossible! If you’re like me and want to avoid your school cafeteria as much as possible, our easy meals for college students, such as this Protein-Packed […]

Moving Day Snacks for Kids

The traditional moving day snacks for kids don’t have to be junk food! We have come up with a few ideas on some healthy alternatives for moving day. All these snacks can be prepared before hand so you don’t have to rush on moving day. Fruits and Vegetables Always a healthier choice, fruits and vegetable are […]

What To Keep In Your Emergency Moving Kit

Packing tape? Check. Boxes? Check. Band-aids for the cut you got lifting the dresser? …Check? Before you begin to pack up your moving truck or vehicle for your move, don’t forget to bring an emergency moving kit as injuries can occur. Here’s a list of some items to include: Band-aids: When handling cardboard boxes, tape and furniture, […]

Trail Mix Recipes

As your moving day approaches you’ll likely cease buying food in order to facilitate packing the kitchen. Because of this, you might neglect packing lunch for the move or you’ll forget about it all together. This is a mistake! Your move will likely span the course of a day and you won’t have much time to go find food. This […]

Healthy Fast Food Options

It’s difficult to eat healthy while being on the road, especially with temptations such as Frosty’s and Deluxe Chili Cheese Fries. But you must stay strong! Although most fast food combinations can’t beat a healthy home-cooked meal, here are some healthy fast food options: Chipotle One of the most trending food chains right now, Chipotle, […]

Healthy Snacks for Your Move

As you prepare to pack up the moving truck and head toward your new home, it’s important to spend time planning the snacks you will take with you for the road. Once the hunger pangs strike, you may be far from any version of health food and only have the option of vending machines and […]

New Year’s Resolution #2 – Be Healthy

Continuing our series on popular New Year’s resolutions, one of the most popular New Year’s resolution is some form of “be healthy.” Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up, run a marathon, or just eat healthier, most people have some form of health-related resolution. The United Health Foundation released “America’s Health […]