Top 5 Versatile Moving Supplies

Moving supplies can be used for more than the sole purpose of getting your stuff from your old place to your new home. Reuse and reduce by getting creative with these supplies! Here are the top 5 most versatile moving supplies and different uses for them: Boxes Boxes are one of the most versatile moving […]

DIY Bubble Wrap Games

To continue our tribute to moving’s funnest packing supply, this week we share simple DIY Bubble Wrap games!  I have to admit, writing this post has inspired me to host a bubble wrap party.  Perhaps a perfect theme for National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 30th? Popping bubble wrap is exciting enough,  so turning […]

Duct Tape For Moving?

Duct tape (or duck tape) is famed for its ability to do practically everything. Those of you who watch the Mythbusters have seen them do incredible things with it, including building or boat that actually floated or a bridge made entirely out of duct tape. I personally have had a wallet made out of duct […]