Photos To Take During Your Move

Moving means making memories. Whether you are moving into your first apartment with college roommates or moving across the country newly-married, this is monumental moment in your life. You are beginning a new chapter. So just like any other cherishable moment in your life you need to make sure to photograph it. There are so many […]

#Uhaulfamous Love Stories

Everyone has their own moving story…whether you made that cross-country journey on your own or you moved with loved ones. What is the best way to document your adventure? By taking a picture, of course! Many couples have celebrated their move and told their love stories by submitting their moving pictures to U‑Haul where they’ve […]

Funny Moving Day Pictures

Moving day is what you make of it. You can either go through the motions and get it over as quickly as possible or you can take a second to snap a couple of silly photos to remember a period of change in your life. These movers went with the latter and became U-Haul Famous by […]

14 Best #uhaulfamous Photos Of 2014

Lights! Camera! Action! It’s hard to believe 2014 will be gone and over in a matter of a few hours. In 2014 U-Haul announced a new program, #uhaulfamous, which is the opportunity for anyone and everyone to have their moving memories featured on the side of a moving truck. Becoming U-Haul Famous is as easy […]

How to Win a GoPro Hero 3

It’s the holiday season! Maybe you’ve been naughty, but hopefully you’ve been nice. Rather than relying on Santa, friends or loved ones gifting you that special something on the top of your wish list, why not win your GoPro HERO 3?  Here’s how: Become #Uhaulfamous If you haven’t heard yet, U-Haul is hosting a photo […]

How to Share your Moving Memories

Moving means a big change is happening in your life. Maybe you are moving to college or away from college. Maybe you are moving into a bigger house because the family is growing or downsizing because the family has grown up! No matter the change, it is likely to be something that you want to […]

Moving Memories-A #UhaulFamous Story

#UhaulFamous U-Haul is making people #UhaulFamous all over North America which means that your moving stories are finally being heard! U-Haul trucks are used for lots of big occasions, whether it’s moving to a bigger home because you are starting a family, downsizing because your family has moved out, or just to transport some storage […]

Make Your Pet #UhaulFamous!

A pet can be practically part of the family so make sure to include them in your moving experience! In honor of National Dog Day, here are some things to that will make sure to make your pet part of your moving memories! Your #UhaulFamous Dog While a move may not seem significant in the […]