Drivers License Photos Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my driver’s license required to rent U-Haul equipment?
    A government-issued driver’s license is required by law to operate motor vehicles and therefore, necessary to rent our trucks and trailers.
  • What is done with the driver’s license photos?
    The front driver’s license photo is used to identify you as the person renting the equipment and to show that a government-issued driver’s license was presented at the time of rental. For U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 rentals, the front photo is compared against your headshot. The back driver’s license photo is used to scan the barcode to read the encoded data to compare against the information on the front of the drivers license and contract data. Photos from U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 rentals, if any, may also be used to expedite the verification process of identifying you as the renter in subsequent rentals. U-Haul Company will never sell this information.
  • How are photos of my driver’s license collected?
    Photos may be taken with any mobile device equipped with a camera, using the U-Haul mobile app or our website. Customers are encouraged to provide photos themselves during the online check-in process, or when doing a U-Haul Truck Share 24/7 truck rental, or via a link texted to your phone. Otherwise, a U-Haul team member or U-Haul Rental Dealer will ask to review the license at the time of equipment rental.
  • Are photos stored on the mobile device?
    NO, photos are not stored locally on the mobile device collecting them. The application will use the mobile device camera to take the photo directly within the app/website and upload straight to U-Haul systems. The technology does not allow photos to be stored locally on any phones. To further emphasize this point, it is against U-Haul Company policy for team members or U-Haul Rental Dealers to take photos and store them outside of U-Haul systems.
  • Why does U-Haul allow photo uploads from personal mobile devices?
    Photos are not stored on the device when collected using this process; there is no added risk to supporting personal devices since the photos are encrypted end-to-end. This process will work no matter which type of mobile device is used, whether a U-Haul Company owned mobile device or a personal mobile device. In fact, customers using their own personal devices to submit photos to U-Haul systems allows for the best possible rental experience.
  • How do I provide photos myself?
    Prior to your equipment rental, you may upload photos yourself during the online check-in process using the U-Haul mobile app or at At the time of your reservation or your equipment rental, you may be sent a text message to your mobile phone number with a unique link just for your contract with instructions on how to upload photos from your mobile device.
  • How are the photos protected?
    Photos are protected with strong encryption. The encryption is maintained throughout the process, including in our database. Access controls limit access to these systems to only those with a legitimate business need.
  • Who has access to these photos?
    During the rental process, access is limited and protected. After your equipment rental is completed and closed, access to photos is by request only, requiring a specific business reason related to your rental. If required or authorized by law, photos may be shared with government, judicial, regulatory and law enforcement agencies with a subpoena.
  • How long does U-Haul Company store photos?
    Barring any issues with your equipment rental, front driver’s license photos are permanently deleted 60 days after your contract is archived (generally one week after your rental). Back driver’s license photos are not generally stored at all. Photos may be stored longer if some other circumstance arises with your rental that prevents contract archival, such as late/not returned or stolen equipment, open claims/disputes, etc. Date retention periods are subject to change.
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