Uhaul.com Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I provide compliments or suggestions for uhaul.com?

    We love to hear what we're doing right and what we can improve upon. Send us your feedback here

  • How do I use a U-Haul gift certificate or discount code online?

    Once you have added everything you want to your shopping cart, click the "Apply gift card or discount code" link on the shopping cart page. Enter the certificate number or discount code and click the"Apply" button to see your new total.

  • Can I change the language displayed on uhaul.com?

    Yes, our website can be viewed in English, French or Spanish. To change the language displayed scroll to the bottom of any page on the site and choose your desired language.

  • ¿Puedo cambiar el idioma que aparece en uhaul.com?
    Sí, nuestro website se puede ver en inglés, francés o español. Para cambiar el idioma que aparece vaya hacia abajo de cualquier página en el sitio y elija el idioma deseado.
  • Est-ce que je peux changer la langue qui est affichée sur uhaul.com ?
    Oui. Notre site Web peut être visualisé en anglais, en français ou en espagnol. Pour changer la langue qui est affichée, faites défiler n'importe quelle page de ce site vers le bas et, tout au bas de la page, choisissez la langue que vous désirez.
  • What if I am having trouble logging into my account?
    If you are having trouble logging into your account on uhaul.com, take the following steps to verify you have the correct information.

    1. Check Your Phone #: Review your storage or equipment contract to make sure the number entered matches the number you are entering.
    2. Check Your Email: Review your storage or equipment contract to make sure the email entered matches the email you are trying to use. 
    If you find the information does not match, log into your account using the number or email on your contract. This information can be updated at a later date to prevent future issues.
  • What if you can't find or don't know your contract/reservation number?
    If you can't find your contract number for a storage unit or contract number for an equipment rental, check your email for any previous correspondence from U-Haul. Printed receipts and paperwork will also contain your contract number.

    If you received no correspondence from U-Haul, call the facility or location where you last did business at. To find the name or phone # of the location, visit our locations page to narrow down your search. 
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