Damage coverage

Does my credit card cover U-Haul trucks and trailers?

No, credit cards will not cover U-Haul trucks and trailers. This is typically because of their weight and size restrictions. You should check with your credit card company to be sure.

Does my auto insurance policy cover U-Haul trucks and trailers?

In most cases, it does not. It's important to check with your carrier first before picking up the rental. Remember, even if they do, you must reimburse U-Haul for the full amount when you return it and then deal with your insurance company.

What happens if I damage the U-Haul rental equipment without purchasing the optional coverage?

U-Haul will charge you for the damage you caused, plus lost rental revenue while the truck is being repaired as soon as you return it.

If I decline coverage, am I responsible for damage if someone hits me?

Yes, you are responsible for all damage, including vandalism, regardless of fault if you decline coverage.

If I decline Safemove or Safetow coverage at the time of dispatch, can I have it added later?

Yes and no, you must return to the U-Haul location you rented your vehicle within 30 minutes of pick up to request it to be added to your reservation. If you do not return within 30 minutes you cannot have coverage added to your reservation. 

They will have you do an inspection for existing damage on the rented equipment and add the coverage to your contract and charge you the appropriate fee.  

Are the damage coverage programs U-Haul offers the most affordable in the industry?

Yes they are! If you find another do-it-yourself moving companies damage coverage programs cheaper, U-Haul will beat their price. Because U-Haul does not pay an incentive to their customer service reps for the sales of their damage coverage programs like our competitors do, we are able to pass this savings along to our customers, and you are not subjected to a high pressure sales pitch.

What is the difference between Safemove Plus, Safemove and CDW?

Safemove coverage is for our moving trucks only. It is three components; damage waiver, cargo coverage and medical-life coverage. It does not have liability coverage.

Safemove Plus coverage is for our moving trucks only. It is four components; damage waiver, cargo coverage, medical-life coverage and one million dollars in liability coverage.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is for pickup and van rentals and only covers accidental damage to the equipment. There is no coverage for cargo, medical or liability.

Can I purchase Safemove or Safetow for a pickup or van rental?

No. Safemove coverage is specifically designed for our moving trucks. We offer a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for pickup and van rentals.

Do I need to provide proof of insurance if I decline CDW for pickup and van rentals?

Yes. If you decline the optional CDW, you will be asked for proof of coverage, but if you cannot, you can still reimburse U-Haul for any damage caused during your rental when you return.

Is U-Haul insured for liability?

Yes, but only to the state minimums which are sometimes low. You should check with your state laws to see what the MFR coverage is for motor-vehicle rental companies

Will U-Haul bill me if I damage their rental equipment without coverage?

No, you are immediately financially responsible.

Does my auto policy cover my car and damage to the towing device while towing it on a U-Haul car carrier?

In most cases, it does not. You should check with your carrier first for complete coverage and review your deductibles.

Are Safemove Plus, Safemove, CDW, Safetow and Safestor optional?

Yes, but you are financially responsible for the rental equipment for any and all damage regardless of fault.

Does U-Haul cover damage to my property while stored in a U-Haul storage room?

No. You are required to either purchase Safestor, self storage insurance or take a position of self-insurer.

Does my homeowners insurance cover my goods in a U-Haul storage room?

In most cases, it does not. Some homeowner's policies provide only partial coverage, so you must check with your carrier to be certain.

What is SafeTrip?

Safetrip is supplemental roadside protection for your U-Haul rental equipment. It is a coverage option available to you for a $5.00 flat rate. Have peace of mind knowing help is on the way when you need it.

What does SafeTrip cover?
Coverage for your U-Haul rental equipment includes: 

  • Lockout Services
  • Lost Keys
  • Fuel Services (up to 3 gallons)
  • Stuck in Mud or Snow
  • Trailer/Towing Hookup Problems
  • Jump Starts
If I decline SafeTrip can I add it to my rental later?
Currently SafeTrip Supplemental Roadside Protection is only offered online. It can be added online prior to your rental through your account on your order details page. You can look up your order or sign in to your account here.