Tolls and Citations Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to pay tolls with U-Haul rental equipment?

    If a rental vehicle and/or trailer travel on a toll road, U-Haul (as the registered owner of the vehicle) will be billed. As the registered owner, U-Haul is obligated to pay the toll company, and will charge the customer as stated in the rental contract addendum. If the jurisdiction allows the transfer of liability, U-Haul will attempt to transfer it to the customer.

  • I have a transponder, why am I being charged a toll?

    The license plate on the rented unit is registered to U-Haul not your personal account with the toll company. Therefore, the toll company will bill U-Haul directly. When towing a trailer there is usually a separate charge for the trailer and the towing vehicle.

  • I went through a toll yesterday, the toll authority advised to call you to resolve with your company.

    Due to the billing cycle we are unable to provide any billing information or toll fees until we receive the notification. You will be notified through email or text to resolve. (Based on the information being provided by the jurisdiction this could be four weeks or more.)

  • Do out-of-province users also have to pay tolls?

    By law, all users of the toll road or bridge are responsible to pay for usage, including out-of-province and U.S. customers.

  • I was given a ticket on the windshield of my U-Haul, am I responsible?

    Yes, the customer is responsible for any tolls and/or tickets that they incur during their rental period.

  • If the ticket has been paid or disputed, but the credit card on file has been charged by U-Haul, how do they receive a refund?

    The customer should submit their proof of payment or judgment to

  • If I get a ticket while renting a U-Haul, should I pay it, dispute it or ignore?

    The customer is responsible for any tolls and/or tickets they incur during their rental period. The customer may pay charges for the tolls and/or tickets directly to the issuing jurisdiction. If the customer wishes to dispute the charge, they would have to do so with the issuing authority. We advise the customer to keep any receipts showing this proof of payment.

  • How long will it take to notify me of a ticket or toll charge?

    U-Haul has no control over when a jurisdiction will provide toll and ticket information. The customer will be notified by U-Haul via text message and valid email once the toll or ticket is received and processed.

  • Am I still responsible for a violation that is for a “Commercial Vehicle”?

    Yes. You are responsible for any citation or violation in conjunction with your rental and/or use of the equipment.  In general, U-Haul rental trucks are not considered commercial vehicles when used for the occasional transportation of personal property by individuals not for compensation nor in the furtherance of a commercial enterprise.  However, some jurisdictions may define vehicles as commercial based solely on the weight or type of vehicle, not just its use.  You are responsible for paying attention to road signs pertaining to trucks such as weigh station stops, truck, lane or bridge restrictions and overhead clearance postings.

  • What are the administrative fees on a toll and/or ticket?

    There is a $30 administrative fee for tickets and a $1 administrative fee for every toll charge against a contract. If the ticket charge is paid by the customer within seven days, that fee is reduced to $15 as a customer courtesy. If the customer has not paid within the seven days, and there is a credit card on file, the system will auto-bill the customer at the reduced administrative rate of $15 on the 8th business day.

  • Who gives authorization for the credit card to be charged?

    When signing the rental agreement, the customer gives authorization for the card on file to be charged. This is outlined in the terms and conditions in the rental addendum. 

  • Are Canadian tolls in Canadian or US funds?

    For tolls and tickets originating in Canada, the charges are in Canadian funds.

  • If the ticket is issued in one state, but the customer states they were never in that state during their rental, how is that resolved?

    Additional research will need to be conducted by the Citations Customer Care team. It is possible that an error may have occurred. Contact Equipment Recovery at 888-886-0782, option 2, or email your inquiry to and they will be glad to assist.

  • How do I pay for U-Haul toll and/or ticket charges?

    Payment may be made online.

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