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Lisa M.

Make sure check engine light is not on , which it was . Also was smoking out the exhaust. Turned around n brought back . Got a smaller truck without ramp. But cost the same. Don't understand. It was smaller but cost the same as big truck?

Brandon A.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Kristi E.

First I could get a response to my email and also not have to be on hold for a customer service rep for 35 minutes. I reserved my Uhaul, which had a $50 guarantee, for 201 E. Union Bower, but when I got there the location was not open. I had to call several numbers to get hold of anyone. The area rep sent me down to the shady Grove location, where I was able to get my truck. However, it took over 20 to have to give all my information again. All of my information was on the original reservation. I still want my $50 refund and feel, I should actually receive more for the hassle. I was late to my pick up appointment because of this delay.

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