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Testimonials from recent customers of Galaxy Auto Inc

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Mark S.

Fix your web site. It is horrible. I saved a quote, but when I tried to go back and enter payment information to guarantee the reservation, I could not do it. Site person looked it up and found no reservation. Site person had as much trouble with the web site as I did. They could not get the system to accept the scan for the back of my license (Ohio). We figured it out together, and eventually got the system to accept the reservation, but this was the worst web experience I have had this entire year. Invest a little money to make easy to make reservations. I wasted 45 minutes myself and the site employee wasted 30 minutes of both of our time trying to get this to work. Moving day is a time when I do not have time to spare, and you made me waste over an hour because of your lousy web experience. Invest a little money or expect someone else to eat your lunch.

Frederick C.

Although I pre-paid for the rental of 6 furniture pads, the pads were not available when I picked up the truck. I requested that the $5.00 charge be removed, but it never was.

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