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Louise B. on


When people are new to the completely self-serve option, it would be very helpful to indicate that it will take some time to take care of "paperwork" before taking the truck. It took us almost 45 minutes to actually drive the truck off the lot. First, we could not find the lock box (It would be helpful to have a note on the door telling customers where to find it.) Secondly, the sign had blown over so we had to search for it in order to get the phone number to call for assistance. thirdly, we did not expect to take pictures of driver's license, dash, etc. Also, much of the damage on the truck had not been marked with the black X stickers so we had to take time to photograph the additional damage to insure that we were not charged for it. I am a senior who was VERY glad she had thought to bring her son along for the pickup. Otherwise, it would have taken even longer to complete your process as I am somewhat technology challenged.