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The tow yard was not a U-Haul facility but the convince, speed and service was good. I'm glad it was close to my house and at the end of the day I just wanted a reliable truck and that is what I got. Thank you.

Kenia N.

I didn't receive the utility dolly that I had reserved. I needed it to move my boxes. So I will be requesting a refund


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Dustin B.

We set a scheduled pick up time the night before, yet gates were locked upon arrival. I called he said 15 minutes someone would be there, 25 minutes later he called and said he would be there in 15. Truck was left in beyond dirty condition inside floor had something sticky we had to clean at the first gas station before going on. Also gas was below 3/4 which I told the guy and he marked as 3/4 anyway. Person said he sent me a email to confirm all that did not come through. Also somehow went over miles which seems impossible as I should of been 40 miles short, did not see miles listed at first location but person at end did show me. I would like a call from someone in customer sevice to go over this and the extra charges as I have called at the beginning and waited 10 minutes before giving up and again after with the same result.

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