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Testimonials from recent customers of Megacenter Miramar LLC

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Luis G. on


Todo muy bien

Adrianna H. on


Our reservation was set up via internet in advance and had 2 dollies included that weren't available for us at the time of arrival. It made our move very stressful. The girl assisting us didn't know anything and there was no manager onsite. I will make sure to use a different company the next time. I will assure to let my friends,family and colleagues know of my experience.

Chad M. on


the person at the front desk wasn't from the area and had no understanding of the physical location. the pickup location was not only difficult to get to, but the person at the desk had ZERO understanding of how to effectively and safely drive the 26ft vehicle i was picking up. furthermore, he wasn't able to print my paperwork because his printer was "almost out of ink". additionally, he was not versed in the insurance i purchased for the vehicle and could not answer ANY questions. "i know only enough to rent the truck"..... On top of all that, when i dropped off the truck, the folks at the drop off location said the pick up location had 7/8 tank gas listed on the truck. I have photo proof that it was only 3/4 tank full. I returned it 3/4 full and they tried to charge me more for not filling the gas to 7/8

betsy A. on


Excellent customer service