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Gary W. on


Hitch ball/ball mount were not provided until the truck was returned. I had to buy my own in the meantime. Discussing the need ahead of time did not work, even though the business promised it would be available at rental time (was not). Lack of communication between employees was prevalent.

Sherrillann K. on


Nothing, thank you for your kindness and professionalism ???????????????

john V. on


Was in and out, 15 minutes max. Return was fast less than 5 minutes. Rep was friendly and a pleasure to deal with. We would recommend to all.

Greg K. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Dale S. on


Employee had no idea what he was doing . He didn't know how to do paperwork at all ,took 45 minutes to get checked in and paperwork still wasn't right.

dan R. on


I want you to read the name of this guy's business. It's a head shop that specializes in bongs. The person who rented me the truck was barely capable, and at the end of it all, he incorrectly charged me. When I told him the charge was wrong, he had a panic look on his face. He was obviously incapable of performing even basic functions of the truck rental computer. Look, I like a little herb myself sometimes, but super stoners in a head shop might not be an ideal location for a truck rental. Just sayin'.

Alexia C. on


Excellent customer service