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Get Ready-To-Go Box Plastic Moving Boxes in Toronto

Ready-To-Go-Box is perfect for moving around a thriving city like Toronto. It’s ergonomic, built-in handles make it easy to carry up and down flights of stairs and each box is designed to fit through almost all doorways. Plastic boxes make winter moving worry-free as their weather resistant design lets them withstand  wind, rain and snow while protecting your valuable belongings inside.

Why rent plastic moving boxes?

Ready-To-Go Box® is a plastic moving bin ready to be packed right from the get-go. No tape or assembly needed, making it the most convenient packing option.  Use the built-in handles and give your back a break when lifting boxes. These boxes are rented hundreds of times until they’re finally worn out, then they’re melted down and used to make more boxes!  Reduce waste and do the environment a favor by using reusable moving boxes.

Sustainable moving: rent what you need

Unlike our competitors, Ready-To-Go Box has no minimum rental amount. Rent as few or many boxes as you need. Keep them for a week, or two or three! Extend your rental for as long as you need at a discounted rate.



Did you know?

Toronto is the 5th largest city in North America. Only Mexico City, New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago are larger.


U-Haul has named Toronto the #4 Top Destination City in our 2014 Canadian Migration Trends Report 
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Get to Know Your New Home

Toronto is not only the largest city in Canada, but also one of the safest major cities in North America; this makes the city an ideal place to live. The city has a large selection of attractions for you to enjoy. This includes the largest zoo in Canada, the Toronto Zoo, with over 450 species of animals. Yonge-Dundas Square, aka Dundas Square or Toronto’s Time Square, is located at one of the busiest intersections in Canada. Its technological design makes it a top attraction for visitors. Although you might want to steer clear of the area in your big moving truck, it’s definitely worth visiting once you’ve settled in. If you’re looking to shop around after the move, the Toronto Eaton Centre is one of Toronto's most frequented shopping centers, found just across the street from Dundas Square. To really feel like a local, you can catch special public events such as concerts, festivals and farmers markets at Nathan Phillips Square. It is located just around the corner from Toronto Eaton Centre, on top of one of the world largest parking garages. If you’re new to Canada, you can easily learn about our beloved sport, ice hockey. The Hockey Hall of Fame is located right here in Toronto, so you can catch up on its history. Now that you have a feel for the city, let us help you make the move to/around Toronto. Welcome to one of Canada’s greatest cities!

As you can see, moving to Toronto has its perks, but once you’re in the city, you might find yourself missing one thing. What, you ask? An easy way to move your large items from A to B. A cargo van rental can be a low-cost solution to many problems that may arise – especially during this time of year. The heavily populated and icy city can make driving a large moving truck a hassle. The size of the van is often easier to maneuver than a large moving truck, yet still has enough space to securely haul your goods around. The van can accommodate customers ranging from students to newlyweds to small-business owners. If you’re moving here for college, the van is the perfect size your dorm essentials. If you’re a young professional, a newlywed, or someone moving to a new home, the cargo van is ideal for those quick furniture trips to IKEA. For local business owners, there is an increase in delivery demands during the holiday season. So instead of being caught short this season, business owners can rent cargo vans for the extra deliveries. Cargo van rentals have seen a significant increase in demand from Toronto residents, so be sure to get one before they’re all rented out. Don’t be that guy driving down Bloor Street with your living room strapped to the roof of your Prius or that business owner who has to lose out on your extra seasonal deliveries.


Moving to Toronto is an adventure; remember to have fun on your journey!

With the help of local businesses, U-Haul has 30 locations within the city of Toronto alone; we have the resources and knowledge to assist you as you prepare to take this next step in life.

  • Toll Roads – Toronto has some of the busiest highways. The Toronto segment of Highway 401 is known to be the busiest highway in North America. To help with this problem, there are several privately owned toll routes. To bypass Highway 401, Highway 407 provides an alternate route if you’re willing to pay the extra fee. The Express Toll Routes are electronically operated; the total amount is based on your entrance and exit points on the freeway. If you plan on driving a lot in Toronto, you might want to check out getting an Express Toll Route Transponder.
  • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) – Although the TTC is the largest subway system in Canada, it is also the second busiest transit network in Canada. Streetcars and transit are abundant, but they tend to be crowded and slow. This being said, many Torontonians prefer to steer clear of the subway. To avoid this once you are settled in the city, consider biking around the city. Many residents choose this alternative due to efficiency. Be sure to follow the rules of the road though, to avoid traffic violations and bike accidents.
  • Neighbourhoods – Toronto is proud to be a multicultural city; a large portion of its population is made up of immigrants from all over the world. There are several ethnic neighbourhoods in Toronto, including Little Italy, Chinatown, Little Portugal, Corso Italia, Little Jamaica, Koreatown, Little India, Greektown, and Kensington Market. In total, Toronto is broken up into 140 neighbourhoods; however, it is divided into 6 major districts.


The 6 Major Districts of Toronto

Toronto's six major districts each have their own history and personality. Which district are you in?

  • Old Toronto - This district is considered the retail district and is broken up in to downtown, midtown, north, east and west. It is the oldest and densest portion of Toronto.
  • York - This district was previously known as the Borough of York and then the York Township before it became part of Toronto. It eventually split into separate districts in Toronto, York, North York and East York.
  • North York - Previously a part of the City of York, North York is now one of the most diverse and affluent areas of Toronto.
  • East York - Also previously a part of the York Township, East York was the last municipality in Canada before it joined Toronto. It consists of mostly middle-class and working-class homes and high-rise establishments.
  • Etobicoke - This district is a lot less dense than other Toronto districts; however it is still very diverse. It is a primarily suburban area but it’s bordered by Lake Ontario, Humber River and Etobicoke Creek which creates a more spread out, relaxed feel than Old Toronto.
  • Scarborough - This district began as a group of little rural communities, then became a suburb of Old Toronto, and is now its own city within Toronto. This district is one of the most popular areas for first-time movers to Canada. In conclusion, it has become one of the most diverse districts throughout the whole Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


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