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Portland, OR Moving Tips and Services

With more than 585,000 people, “The City of Roses” is a beautiful and green city that draws in a unique blend of people and personalities. Long known as “The City of Roses” before given the official title in 2003, the name may be attributed to Portland’s annual Festival of Roses. Located roughly an hour inland from the Pacific Ocean and just south of the Columbia River, Portland has also been recognized as one the of the ‘greenest’ cities in the world due to its well thought out public transportation solutions. Additionally, the city is consistently recognized as a top bike-friendly city; it has the country’s highest percent of two-wheeled commuters. The city and the surrounding areas are filled with incredible opportunities. You just have to get here, and we have the products and services to make it happen.

Valuable Information for Moving to and Living in Portland, Oregon

U-Haul has joined hands with local businesses around the city of Portland to provide service and assistance at more than 25 locations within city limits. Our experts are standing by to help you during your transition. 

  • Not So Mainstream – For those moving from another state, there may be a few things that may be out of the norm. First off, Oregon has no sales tax, and everything is sold at its list price. Also, a gas attendant must fill up your gas tank at gas stations; it is against the law to fill up your own tank. If you try, you may be fined $500 dollars. Additionally, Oregon is an alcoholic beverage control state; the sale of hard spirits and liquor is controlled by the state and cannot be sold in grocery stores. They can only be purchased from state approved liquor agents. These things are some features that make Portland and Oregon such a unique place to live in.
  • Neighborhoods – The Williamette River splits Portland into west and east sides, and Burnside St divides the north and south. These quadrants are identified as North, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. Each neighborhood has its own feel and provides its own type of experience. You’ll find the arts concentrated in the Northeast and Southwest neighborhoods, while you’ll find boutiques and bars in the Southeast and Northwest.
  • Satisfy Your Appetite & Quench Your Thirst – Portland’s culinary prowess is on the rise; Portlanders pride themselves on a diverse and wide array of foods to satisfy any person’s palette. And if that’s not enough, Portland has been named one of America’s best beer cities. There are more breweries than any other city in the world, almost 70 in the greater metro area alone.


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