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6222 Evergreen St   Houston, TX 77081

(346) 444-2515

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  • Mon-Sat: 9 am - 6 pm
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(346) 444-2515

6222 Evergreen St
Houston, TX 77081

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Mon-Sat: 9 am - 6 pm
  • Sun: Closed
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One-Way and In-Town Local Rentals in Houston, TX 77081

U-Haul has the largest selection of in-town and one-way trucks and trailers available in your area. U-Haul offers an easy moving process when you rent a truck or trailer, which include: cargo and enclosed trailers, utility trailers, car trailers and motorcycle trailers. Combine your moving efforts by renting a truck and a trailer from U-Haul today.

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    We have the largest selection of new trucks!

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    Our cargo and utility trailers start at $14.95!

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Terrible location and horrible customer service. Nobody was at the location when we arrived and it took almost an hour for someone rude and unprofessional to show up. We had to wait because the app wasn't working for our pick-up. Which I knew wouldn't work with the over-the-counter option. The employee kept insisting that we use it instead of just coming to do their job. Keep in mind that I originally opted-in for over the counter service. When he finally decided to show up, he parked way to close to our car in his giant car (there was a huge empty parking lot available), hit it with his door, then proceeded to act like this was no big deal and I shold not be upset that we're an hour behind schedule and the app never gave us the code for the key boxes and they weren't at the 24hr!! location. Hire some more people, don't abandon a reservation! He asked for my credit card and I wanted to argue that everything was just put into the system and the reservation was already started. BASED OFF THE APP that asked us to use. He had the rudest response and then proceeded to imply that he could be somewhere else if I don't want to cooperate. The whole thing was sketchy (including the location) and he was using his PHONE to check us into the reservation. Yes I'm going to hestitate to give over my credit card. Never use this location if you plan on being somewhere on time. It's understaffed and poorly run. Nobody was picking up the phone and we kept going to voicemail so don't expect to get help while your there.

Jatoriyae D. 
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