DIY Home Improvement Projects With U-Haul

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Home improvement projects are a big part of being a homeowner. Whether it’s a major remodel or a minor upgrade, DIY projects are a great way to breathe new life into your home and increase its curb appeal in the process. Common DIY home projects include installing new flooring, putting on a fresh coat of interior paint, replacing outdated or inefficient fixtures or tearing down a wall or two to add space. The opportunities are just about endless.

Whatever project you’re taking on, it’s important you have the right resources in place to help you get the job done. In addition to home improvement must-haves like a budget, materials and a vision, there are other resources out there that will help you accomplish your goals without breaking the bank. Although U-Haul is known as a leader in DIY moving, many U-Haul programs can assist home improvers with their upcoming project in a variety of useful ways.

Ready to get your home improvement project underway? Here is how U-Haul can help you tackle your home improvement projects.

In-Town® Pickup Truck Rental

Moving trucks aren’t just for moving. Most DIY home projects require hauling a variety of items around town. This might include essential building materials (lumber, flooring, paint, etc.), scraps, tools or any other items required to complete your job. Because these items are often bulky, oddly-shaped or messy, a pickup truck is a useful resource for convenient transportation.

A U-Haul pickup truck rental has a hauling capacity of nearly 2,000 lbs. with a towing capacity of up to 6,000 lbs., making it viable for the majority of DIY supply runs. It’s an ideal size for small loads, like most home improvement shopping trips that involve tool and item pick-ups. It’s also an affordable option. In-town rental rates are determined by the miles driven so it’s perfect for a trip to the local hardware store.

Need more time? U-Haul offers special rental rates for customers that are able to pick up and drop off their equipment at the same location who also require multiple days or weeks to complete their project. This rate applies to cargo van rentals and 8” trucks – ideal for small supply runs!

If your project requires more hauling capability – as in, you’re moving a lot of furniture to clear space for new flooring or an interior paint job – a larger U-Haul moving truck might be a better option. U-Haul truck rentals range from 10’ to 26’ in size so you’re sure to find a truck that meets your needs. Use this moving truck rental guide to determine the right size for your project. For the biggest jobs, check out the light commercial rental rates for multiple rentals.

In-Town® Trailer Rental

Do you need to get something home that doesn’t quite fit in your vehicle? A U-Haul trailer can give you the extra load capacity you need! Our utility trailers are a great add-on to assist in your home improvement projects or to save you money in delivery fees. In-town trailer rentals are perfect for transporting oddly-shaped or bulky items, like appliances, tall cabinets and furniture. We have the right size trailer for your vehicle, even if you bought your hitch for the sole purpose of hauling bicycles on a bike rack. Utility trailers also work wonders for hauling potted plants home from the nursery; a big help if your project involves gardening or landscaping. Learn more about towing with U-Haul by visiting the trailer and towing page.

Temporary Local Storage

Some home improvement projects require weeks or even months to complete. When these lengthy projects are large-scale, homeowners often require temporary storage for their furniture, electronics and other valuables. Not only does this cut back on clutter around the house, it also minimizes the risk of your belongings being damaged or blanketed in dust while your project is underway.

Self-storage is an ideal option for homeowners that need temporary storage during their renovation. You get peace of mind knowing that your belongings are kept in a secure and dry storage unit while you focus on the bigger picture. With thousands of U-Haul self-storage facilities located across North America there’s likely a storage location near you.

Added Benefits of Trusting U-Haul with Your Storage Needs During a Renovation:

  • Pay Month To Month – There are no long-term commitments. Stay as long as you need. When your project is complete, you are free to move out of your storage unit.
  • Climate Control Storage – Keep your furniture, electronics and other valuables dry and at a consistent temperature (between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit), just like your home.
  • Multiple Sizes Available – Whether you are storing the contents of an entire home or just a single room, there are a variety of storage sizes and types to fit your needs. View our storage unit size guide for help determining the right fit for you..

Mobile Storage Containers

Temporary storage solutions due to lengthy home renovations aren’t limited to storage units. Another solution many homeowners find viable is mobile storage containers. U-Box containers allow you to store your furniture and belongings on your property during a home renovation project for additional peace of mind and flexibility. Rent as many U-Box containers as you need, and keep them for as long as your project requires. If you don’t have the space for multiple containers at home, you can store your secure U-Box containers at a nearby U-Haul facility.

Moving/Home Renovation Supplies

If you have items that you can’t place in storage but still want protected throughout the renovation/remodel process, you’ll need to invest in the right supplies. Plastic covers are a must-have for any home improvement project. Well-manufactured covers will keep your items safe from dust, paint splash, moisture and more. U-Haul bags and covers are easy to use as well.

Furniture Covers for Your Home Renovation Project:

Most home improvement projects or renovations will lead to clutter and general displacement around the house. You may find that acquiring some standard and specialty moving boxes is helpful for staying organized and keeping loose items secured. For example, Wardrobe Boxes work wonders for keeping your hanging clothing protected and neatly stowed while your closet is being painted; Flat Screen TV Boxes provide similar specialized protection for your entertainment set up if your project takes place in the living room or TV room. Pair these items with a storage unit or U-Box container for optimal safe-keeping during your DIY home improvement journey.

Hire Moving Help®

Even if you have a strong DIY spirit, there are some things that are simply easier with help from the professionals. This is especially true during a home improvement project that requires a lot of heavy lifting; moving a bulky piano out of the living room while new flooring is installed is just one common example. In these types of instances, hiring professional movers to lend you a hand throughout the renovation or remodel process will go a long way.

Hiring professional laborers using the Moving Help® online marketplace is an easy way to get the help you need rearranging your large furniture or moving it out of your home altogether. In addition to heavy lifting, Moving Help® Service Providers can also offer these services:

  • Load/unload your truck or storage unit
  • Pack your belongings into boxes
  • Hang bulky picture frames/decor
  •  Assemble new furniture
  • U-Box® delivery, load and unload

Help a DIY Friend With Their Home Improvement Project

If you’re not embarking on a home improvement project any time soon, but you know someone who is, lend them a hand with a U-Haul gift certificate. Moving truck rentals, trailer rentals, self-storage, moving supplies and Moving Help® are all available for purchase with a U-Haul gift certificate.

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