All-Inclusive Wardrobe Box Kit Overview

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Throughout one's individual or family move, having the right tools to complete the job right is paramount and will be the difference between being well prepared and unprepared. There are so many things to get prepared during your move, from your television, glasses, dishes, and most valuable items; furthermore, gathering the proper packing materials is key to a successful move. One of the biggest things we find that do-it-yourself movers don't prepare for is packing and organizing clothing and personal attire items.

To ensure that you are more prepared and have all your clothing organized, U-Haul has been working hard at developing an All-Inclusive Wardrobe Box Kit to enable you to get everything you need to start packing your closet and wardrobe quickly. Unlike packing dishes, glasses, pictures, or your television, your clothing and wardrobe are much simpler than other forms of packing clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other forms of attire. Thus, helping our consumer base have more efficiency when moving, shipping, storing, and packing their entire wardrobe.

During this overview, we will give you a complete breakdown of what makes our Wardrobe Box Kit so effective in aiding you to pack and move your entire closet swiftly and efficiently!

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Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

During the packing phase of your moving, allocating the necessary moving supplies will make sure you have the most comprehensive moving supplies so that you'll be ready to have everything upon arrival to your new destination. Like anything when you're planning to move, having an effective plan to get everything coordinated will help you be more ready for the journey ahead of your move. When it comes to packing your attire, it is usually the first or last item on a person's list during their move.

We suggest before packing that you organize all your clothing into groups such as casual, formal, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, and outerwear to have the most optimal experience while you're on the journey to your destination. Being well organized will help you reduce the amount of stress you have and ensure that your most prized personal belongings are right where you packed them from the start.

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Pack Your Closet In Minutes

With a comprehensive approach to packing your closet, U-Haul ensures that we give you the tools for success to have a secure and straightforward packing process for your wardrobe. When it comes to packing your clothing or other personal effects in your closet, keeping everything organized and well-labeled as you're consolidating will help you upon your arrival. Some do-it-yourself movers can help ensure that U-Haul can provide the most efficient way to fill your clothing and attire; below, you will find a comprehensive overview of what makes our kit so versatile and easy to fill in minutes.

Below you will find everything U-Haul provides in our Wardrobe Packing Kit to help you quickly get your packing and moving going efficiently!

Large Wardrobe Box:

Our most effective option, the large wardrobe box, will give you the ability to move a large quantity of clothing, including your dresses, pants, jeans, and multiple suits. One of the incredible versatility standpoints of this is that you can also use it for bulky items such as dining room chairs and other items that can't fit other moving boxes. Each comes with a metal hanging bar to hang your clothes on with perforated handles to make lifting more manageable and able to support up to 100 pounds of weight total.

Medium Wardrobe Box:

The Medium Wardrobe Box is perfect for moving, storing, or shipping clothing on hangers such as jackets, shirts, dresses, and more. Furthermore, it can be used for more than just clothing. If you need a large box, we suggest using it for sporting equipment and other large items. Each box includes a Metal Hanging Bar for hanging up to 18 inches of closet space. In addition, it features built-in, perforated handles to make lifting and carrying a breeze. Finally, this wardrobe box is great for packing your winter clothing items such as jackets and thick clothing.

Small Wardrobe Box :

Suppose you're the individual who needs a good size box for your wardrobe but doesn't have many attire items. In that case, our small wardrobe box is perfect to gather the essentials whether you're moving a short or long distance and even if you plan to store your clothing and attire. Also, it features two sets of built-in, perforated handles to make lifting, carrying, and stacking a breeze. In addition, this banded option makes it easier for the box to fit in your vehicle!

Laydown Wardrobe Box:

The laydown wardrobe box is a perfect choice for anyone who needs to store and pack their clothes efficiently. With solid construction and holding up to 65 pounds of weight, you can have faith that your clothing, shoes, or personal attire will be safe from damage during the journey ahead.

Packaging Box Tape:

Packaging Tape is a dime a dozen throughout the moving industry, and there are so many kinds of boxing tape that sometimes it can be difficult. Well, U-Haul makes it very easy for you to close your wardrobe boxes with ease. Designed to make your move easier, this packing tape tears by hand, so you don't need scissors or a tape dispenser to secure your clothing boxes. Also, though it tears easily, our packing tape is resistant to uneven splitting or slivering, so you always have full-width strips.

These items all together will give you everything you need to have the industry's most comprehensive wardrobe packing kit. Unlike conventional ways to pack your clothing and attire items, we can keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free with our Wardrobe Packing Box Kit!

Ease Of Use

These items all together will give you everything you need to have the industry's most comprehensive wardrobe packing kit. Unlike conventional ways to pack your clothing and attire items, we can keep your clothes clean and wrinkle-free with our Wardrobe Packing Box Kit!

All of our U-Haul wardrobe boxes are specifically designed to transfer your entire closet with ease without putting stress on the end-user. Each of them can support up to 100 pounds, depending on the box size. Included in every Wardrobe Box Kit, you will receive two large, two small, one lay down box, and a full roll of paper box tape, giving you the ability to get your clothing packing started without wondering how many boxes or moving materials do I need.

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Why Purchase A U-Haul Wardrobe Box Kit?

It can be a challenging time when it comes to moving, but U-Haul is here to make sure that it doesn't have to be. We offer many options to help you make moving more accessible, from designing our boxes to fit the most challenging closets. Our All-Inclusive Box Kit has all of the necessary moving supplies to pack any closet, small or large, and even up to eight feet of closet space. Each wardrobe box allows you to transfer directly to the box while hanging your most excellent clothing item on a metal bar rack with hangers.

There are many features and reasons to pick up a U-Haul Wardrobe Box Kit, but in short, we believe that to keep your move going smoothly and efficiently is the best way to have a great transition no matter what life brings you. Whether you're moving or across town or the country, U-Haul has the proper materials to get your moving going from your wardrobe and anything in between. If you would like to learn more about our All-Inclusive Wardrobe Box Kit, visit your local U-Haul Center or directly online.

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