How To Pack Lamps for Moving: Different Techniques & Boxes

Countless hours were spent trying to find that perfect lamp for your living room. Now that you’re moving, you have to make sure it comes with you to your next home. This lamp, like so many others, has a unique shape to it making it feel impossible to find a box to safely pack it in. Don’t worry though because there is a box for this situation, a lamp box actually. One of the many specialty boxes from U-Haul, the lamp box was created to provide a box to pack and support fragile pieces like lamps and oddly shaped items such as vases, telescopes, and more for moving and shipping.

What Is the Best Way To Pack a Lamp for Moving?

The lamp box is the first step to packing a lamp for moving. Being a fragile item, however, lamps should be packed with numerous moving supplies in addition to the box for the lamp’s protection.

Supplies Needed to Pack Lamps

How Do You Pack Lamps and Shades for Moving?

The most secure way to pack your lamp is to start by separating the pieces. Follow these steps and you’ll have your lamp ready for your move:

1. Prepare your lamp by removing the bulb and shade. Unscrew any other decorative pieces from the base as well, put any small pieces in a plastic bag to avoid having them get lost. Once removed, wrap the electric cord and plug (covering the plug with foam will also prevent it from scratching the base) around the base and tuck it into itself to prevent the cord from unraveling.

2. You can use several different protective supplies to provide extra protection for your lamp. Use paper padding or bubble wrap, depending on what the base is made out of and how durable it is, to fully wrap the lamp base.

3. Place lamp base in the box upright. Fill in the box around the lamp with packing peanuts, paper or furniture pads to help prevent the lamp from shifting within the box during the transport. Packing paper should be put around the finial (the decorative piece above the light bulb) and harp (the u-shaped shade holder).

4. Before you seal the box fill the empty space with packing paper. Then finish up by taping the box and be sure to label “this end up,” which is essential for shipping purposes and “fragile”.

Difference Between Packing Lamps and Shades

Lamp shades have to go in a different box. Ensure to measure the width of the shade to find the best box for it. When you find a good box for the shade, line the box with sheets of packing paper to add a layer of cushion to the bottom of the container. Place the shade in the box and fill the space inside the shade and around it with packing paper or peanuts. Once finished, tape the box and write “Fragile”. Don’t stack any heavy item on it to avoid any chance of the shade being crushed. However, U-Haul boxes all have high edge crush test ratings, you can feel confident your belongings are safe.

How Do You Pack a Salt Lamp for Moving?

For salt lamp lovers, you will have to pack your lamp differently. It’s vital to protect your lamp from any potential moisture. Use Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap tightly around the lamp to help keep it dry. Salt lamps are much smaller than floor lamps and likely won’t need a large lamp box but a small moving box (16-3/8" x 12-5/8" x 12-5/8” dimensions) should work just fine. Place a layer of packing paper on the bottom of the box before putting the wrapped salt lamp into the box. Throw in a Moisture Absorber and Odor Remover for extra protection from moisture. Fill in any additional empty space with more packing paper or peanuts before taping the box.

Other Specialty Boxes for Packing Lamps

Our lamp box measures at 12” x 12” x 40” and can hold up to 65 lbs. It’s a great choice, but with the wide array of lamp designs it won’t be the perfect choice for everyone. However, there are plenty of other moving boxes to choose from. A few more box options for lamps and other similar sized items include our Grand Wardrobe Box, Wardrobe Storage Box, Medium Electronics Box, and Dish Barrel® Box. All the dimensions of these boxes and the lamp box can be found below for comparison.

Box Dimensions

Regardless of which box works best for you, U-Haul is here for all your moving needs including getting your Christmas Story Leg Lamp replica or any other lamp to your new home. We’ve served do-it-yourself movers since 1945 and continue to do so with moving boxes, trucks, trailers, and plenty more. Order moving boxes online and choose from FREE in-store pickup, same-day delivery, or use U-Haul Self-Checkout to skip the line and get the supplies you need, now.

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