Using U-Box Containers for On Site Storage

U-Box containers can be used for more than just moving and storage. Never run out of storage space with a U-Box container stored at your home, office, or commercial site.

Home Remodel

Clear rooms as you are renovating your business or house. Furniture can be stored inside a U-Box container you keep on your property so you’re able to work faster and prevent your things from getting damaged or dirty. Use more than one at a time if you plan to remodel several rooms so you don’t have to stop and replace furniture as you go. Just clear your space once and move it all back in when the home remodeling is finished.

On Site Storage Containers: Popular Uses

U-Box containers are perfect to use as on-site storage and work for a variety of businesses and uses.

  • Construction Site Storage – Keep tools stored inside U-Box containers that can be locked up at the end of the day. Don’t worry about hauling them back and forth to the job until the job is complete.
  • Business Event Storage – When hosting or participating in a conference or trade show, U-Box containers can be used to store extra tables and chairs, booth furniture, or company merchandise until the end of the event.
  • Sports Event Storage – Use containers to keep tables, merchandise, or other equipment over multiple day events. U-Box containers are perfect for golf tournaments, marathons, or multi day tournaments for any sport like softball, baseball and soccer.

To get a quote for U-Box containers stored on site, enter your zip code in the Moving From field and the date you would like delivery. Choose the delivery method that works best for you. You can keep the container on site as long as you need for a low monthly rate.

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