How to Load a U-Box Moving and Storage Container

Correctly loading your U-Box container is critical to ensuring your belongings make it to their new home – or through their time in storage – in one piece.

Watch the quick video above to learn how to safely pack your things and maximize space, just like the professionals!

Remember these 4 important concepts as you go:

  1. Organize your things into tiers. A tier is a wall or stack of things – furniture, boxes, and anything else you are loading into the container. Start from the bottom with your heaviest items and work your way up the stack. The lightest items should always be placed toward the top of each tier.
    • Your tier can start at the back of the container and move forward
    • Your base layer is always the lowest part of each tier, and should be your sturdiest items. Things like dressers, desks, and small boxes of books all make great base layers.
    • Every item you add to a tier should be sturdy enough to hold the weight you are putting on top of it.
    • Heavy items should be spread around the base of the container to distribute the weight evenly.
  1. Fill all gaps and spaces between furniture and boxes with rolled up furniture pads, blankets, and pillows. This will prevent items from shifting or scraping one another.
  2. Disassemble furniture as much as you can, like removing legs from tables.
  3. Wrap all pieces in furniture pads so they don’t get scratched.

If you'd like someone to load the container for you, know that you can always hire Moving Help® loading service to do the work for you.

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Packing Tips & Guidelines

Packing your belongings in boxes is just as important as packing the boxes into the container itself. U-Haul makes it easy to find the right box and moving supplies for any move. Click the video below to see how the right supplies can alleviate the fear of damaging any of your treasured belongings.

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